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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nursing faster than Pumping...

Have you ever had to leave your nursing baby?  

I felt like I was part of the great race today. I had to leave my little guy with a substitute babysitter while I went to work today, and I wasn’t feeling totally confident because last time she sat with him he cried the entire time and she looked like she was ready to throw herself off a bridge by the time I got home . And the day before lil Charlie cried the entire time while he was home for daddy. Basically this girl had no hope. So I decided, I would race home and nurse him instead of pumping... 

State laws require that I be allowed to pump at work and that is wonderful, there is even a room right in our office where I can. However it is also awkward, because there are lots of guys and sometimes they need the room while I’m pumping so I get a text asking me if I am almost done because people needed to get into the room. 

While home on lunch one day I realized that it was almost as quick for me to go home and nurse vs. setting up the pump, blocking off the room etc. So today I was going to try it. Little Charlie hadn’t been taking his bottle so I thought this is it.
We breaked from our meeting at 2:50. I gave my co-worker the “I’m pumping nod” grabbed my keys and hit my stop watch.

I had to see if I could nurse and return faster than I could pump. 

Trying to still look professional, I ran to my car, sped home, ran inside and was nursing by two minutes in. 

My little man was just starting to fall asleep, but he was so happy to see me, he was just staring in my eyes and cooing... now this is the kind of stuff that just melts your heart. I could have just kept staring in his eyes forever, but I knew that i had to be back on the road in just 10 minutes so I’m trying to rush him to nurse... and if you know anything about nursing and your milk letting down you know it doesn’t happen when you’re stressed. Another minute passed and he got a little more interested, started nursing and I started to relax. We rocked and nurse, as I really savored the moment with my precious child during my workday. He finished without throwing up on me, a true miracle, and I was off again. I even managed to have time to grab a piece of beef jerky to refuel on after nursing. 

I dashed back to the office, I rounded the corner of cubicles and they were just getting ready to go back into our meeting. I wasn’t even missed.

I felt like supermom at that moment. I went home, nursed my baby sharing that moment of love and still managed to be back to work before my pumping break was up. This was a glimmer of hope that it is really possible to live the dream of being a great mom, while still working to help provide for our family.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Story Begins

As I sit rocking in my recliner, wishing I had more sleep I peek over to my son who is breathing loudly trying to figure out if he is really asleep and I can finally go back to bed. I’ve only been a mom for 2 ½ months and I feel like it has been a life time. I thought I was prepared and had an idea of what I was getting into it. but “they’re aren’t words Lassie” Shawn Spencer Psych. Having my son little Charlie has been the greatest thing in my life, but it has been a crazy journey. 

When I tell people my “birthstory” people are shocked saying they have never heard a story like mine. 

Beginning with a last minute switch from a midwife center to a hospital, to infections, a plethora of different options on how to heal, and the discover that I was over stitched and beginning the long road to figuring out how to cure that, be it physical therapy or surgery.

I know that I needed encouragement after my son was born to keep going on breastfeeding, knowing the sleepless nights will pass, and having the strength and inspiration to go back to work. So I hope to share of my experiences with you. I am hardly one with all the answers, but I have had some unique experiences and hopefully in sharing them you can be inspired in your own journey of motherhood. Ahhh he has finally drifted to sleep, goodnight!