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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why Moms Need to Swim

Is your child beautiful? Do you love them right now just the way they are? Do you do the same for yourself?

Why Moms Need to Swim

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As moms we can do a great job of telling everyone else that God created them beautiful just the way they are… Then we look in the mirror. Ahh.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tips for Starting Your Blog with Alli from Taking Care of Monkey Business

Alli and Theresa image

Have you reached your goals? Do you ever need that little nudge to jump in and start? I am thrilled to have Alli with us today from Taking Care of Monkey Business.

I met Alli after Abby from Just a Girl and her Blog featured bloggers who were inspired by her new book Building a Framework. You can check out the interview with Abby with highlights from her book here.

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Alli is brand new to the blogging world, but she already has an adorable site and some really inspiring content.

3 Tips for Starting Your Goals

  1. Find a Mentor - To reach your goals you will need other people to encourage you and show you the way. Alli got a crash course to blogging from her sister-in-law, Chelsea, from Chelsea’s Messy Apron… and it shows. I was impressed when I went to Alli’s site. I know my blog didn’t look that good on day one.

  2. Make an Investment - This investment can be time or money. Alli talks about how after buying a domain, hosting service and blog template she was invested. Every moment that she wasn’t blogging was money that was going to waste.

  3. Involve Your Kids - As a mom’s your kids are the center of your world. It can be a challenge as a mom to figure out how to be successful with entrepreneurial ideas. So many of the marketing and goals books that are written are written by men and for men. They don’t take into account things like staying up all night with a newborn or changing poop explosions throughout the day. Alli knew that in order to succeed she would have to involve her kids. Alli talks about how her daughter loves to help her with blog projects.


Alli shares a hilarious story about being a real mom, so make sure you listen to today’s episode! You’ll get a behind the scenes look at mixing babies with blogging. If you’ve never listened to our podcast before it’s like a mini radio show. It is wonderful because you can listen while doing the dishes, cooking dinner… or relaxing with your feet up because isn’t that what moms really do all day?

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My Quick Guide to Spending Quality Time with Your Kids will give you inspiration and ideas so you can start spending more quality time with your kids today! ~ Theresa

Friday, July 25, 2014

Get Inspired to Start Your Blog with Alli from Taking Care of Monkey Business

Do you ever get stuck in the idea phase? You’re dreaming about all the wonderful things that you’d love to do, but can’t seem to make it happen.

Get Inspired to Start Your Blog with Alli

As moms, our lives are busy. There absolutely is 1000 things pulling us in different directions. But that doesn’t mean we should stay stuck in fudgsicle mud from Candy Land.

Alli from Taking Care of Monkey Business is an incredible example of a mom who’s reaching her goals.

Alli jumped in! Started her blog. Today she is sharing with us the top three things that inspired start her blog.

If you’re dreaming of starting a blog, growing your current one, losing weight or getting your house clean… you won’t want to miss what Alli has to say.

Three Things you need to start your blog: Or follow any of your dreams.

  1. Passionation for Your Content

  2. Encouragement from Family

  3. Goals with a Date

This is only the beginning. Come back Monday for our full podcast episode! Alli and I will talk in even greater detail about overcoming challenges, jumping in creating a blog, great content and cute pictures. And truly the best part… we get to hear about her adorable love story of meeting her husband.

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My Quick Guide to Spending Quality Time with Your Kids will give you inspiration and ideas so you can start spending more quality time with your kids today! ~ Theresa

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Quick Guide to Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

Quick Guide Book Image

Do you spend enough quality time with your kids? This is a big questions for a lot of moms. I feel like I had somewhat deflected its intimidating worries until now. But then my little man got big. We weaned, he got his first haircut, I went away on a work trip.

Suddenly, I joined the group of moms left wondering…

Do I Spend Enough Quality Time with My Kid???

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Like all problems in life this question can be answered by an ebook… My free one in fact :) I joke, but I did spend a lot of time thinking about this question.

Three Tips for Spending More Quality Time with Your Kids

  1. Accept that times have changed. My dream life is a perfect blend of Little House on the Prairie mixed with central air and Panera Frozen coffee. Everything is simple. My days are spent surrounded by my children, little chicks, and a garden in nature. Life moves slower, I don’t have to worry about quality time because every moment is magical.

    What is your dream scenario? Do you set unrealistic expectations for quality time? Sadly, we don’t live in Little House on the Prairie, so quality time is going to look different. If your goal is something that no longer exists, the only option is disappointment.

  2. Appreciate the time that you have with your kids. Don’t belittle the time you’re spending.

    I was really surprised while reading a study in the Washington Post. Modern mothers spend significantly more time focused on their children than mothers in the 50’s or 60’s. Yet, the modern mothers feel more guilty. Like they aren’t spending enough time with their kids.

    You are doing wonderful. Be happy and appreciate the time you are spending with you kids.

  3. Take the Imperfect Moments and Make them Special. When your baby is up all night, being frustrated won’t get either of you back to sleep. Instead look at it as a moment that won’t last forever. Remember, you’re always wanting to spend more time with your kids… now here it is!

Finally, know that you are incredible. Just for being a mom! You can read all 10 tips in my Guide to Spending Quality Time with Your Kids.

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My Quick Guide to Spending Quality Time with Your Kids will give you inspiration and ideas so you can start spending more quality time with your kids today! ~ Theresa

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Grow Your Blog with Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog

Abby & Theresa Image

We all want to be a success! In life, blogging or any other venture we undertake. I am thrilled to have Abby from Just A Girl and Her Blog sharing her tips with us today. I met Abby two years ago. At the time, she was just 6 months into her blog.

By the end of her first year she had almost a million pageviews and had worked with brands like IKEA and Martha Stewart Crafts. She was even making more money with her blog than in previous part time job!

This is when you shout... Tell me more!

Abby discusses her blogging success and teaches you how to be successful blogging too in her new book Building A Framework. We talk about her book and more in today’s episode of A Mom in the Making Podcast. You can listen to it here:

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Read Building a Framework

It is truly an amazing book! I flew threw it in less than 24 hours… and it 179 pages! I loved seeing how she was able to achieve success with her blog so quickly. Everyone talks about the longggg road to success, but it was great seeing things you can do right now to jump start your progress.

3 Blogging Tips from Abby

  1. Hone in on your Content
    This send me into a frenzy… does my blog have a theme? Or is it merely a playground after a paintball fight? Take a look at your blog, have you honed in on your content?
    Tip Num. 1

  2. Build Relationships
    When you’re budgeting time for blogging does this include time for building relationships?
    Tip Num. 2

  3. Tell Stories
    Abby emphasises to tell your story. People will love you for your story.
    Tip Num. 3

Are you weeping because the post ended? Don’t worry Abby has all this and more in her book, Building a Framework, so you can make your blog a booming success.

All Three Tips

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My Quick Guide to Spending Quality Time with Your Kids will give you inspiration and ideas so you can start spending more quality time with your kids today! ~ Theresa

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Stay Connected with Your Kid

Do use video chatting to bring you closer together? I recently had to leave my baby for three whole days! Ahhh!

How to Stay Connected with Your Kid

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I kept playing over in my head the doomsday scenario. But there was a saving grace. Video chatting. It was wonderful! Even though I couldn’t give my babe a hug we could still talk, laugh, and sing wheels on the bus.

I was worried about video chatting… What if seeing me just made him feel sad? What if he was just crying?

It couldn’t have been better! He was excited to see me. At first you could tell that he was slightly confused. He is used to chatting with grams. so he was puzzled trying to figure out why mom was on the other side of the screen.

But it let us stay connected. During the times that we couldn’t video chat we talked on the phone. It was like a dream come true, he was getting technology and mommy at the same time.

Next time you have to be apart from your babe, think about these tips for greater peace and joy. Even if you’re not leaving your kiddo, these are great ideas for out of town relatives.

How to Stay Connected with Your Kid

  1. Find internet and video chat. Even if you have to go to a hotel lobby or coffee shop the time you spend getting to see each other is totally worth it.

  2. Make video chatting and talking on the phone a regular part of life. First, this helps your child keep up with and remember out of town relatives, but the additional bonus is that they are used to talking with others like this so they will be excited to hear and see you this way.

  3. Talk on the phone. While video chatting is obviously best, if you can’t do that, try a phone call. Sing songs on the phone or play some of the games that you usually would at home.

  4. Don’t rush off the phone or video chatting. Your little one will be happy to see you or hear your voice, even if it’s just a babble. We spend 30 minutes talking about if he went outside, or played with papa. He had the bonus of hearing my voice and I got to laugh as he responded saying “oh wow” and “no” to my questions.

Obviously, if we could all just be on vacation, together and home with family all the time that would be great. But for the times when you are apart, these are a few ways to keep the family connection alive.

Do you have any tips for staying connected while traveling? Or keeping up with out of town relatives?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Is Your Baby Growing Up Too Fast?

Do you ever tear up at the thought of your little baby suddenly growing up.? We have recently passed three major milestones in one week…it has only been a good dose of strong coffee and prayers that has kept me alive.

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First, we finally weaned. This has been a long and painful process that we both have approached with kickin’ and screaming. But it had to happen, because I was going away on a work trip for three days, I knew it would be rough on the little guys, but I couldn’t bear the idea of him losing me and his milk on the same day….I could just imagine him crying mulk “puweese”

I was finally able to find some peace with weaning. But just as I smiled from that experience it was time for our first haircut.

This again wasn’t something I was looking forward to, it just showed that my tiny little baby was growing up all too quickly. But it needed to happen, his hair hung down into his eyes. And his hair was turning into tiny baby dreads in the back.

So he got his first big boy haircut… It was killer… Watching his precious curls drop to the ground. I really debated just leaving his curls in the back but I didn’t want him to have a mullet…so away they went. It was really funny to watch him that night because he kept running his fingers in his hair…trying to figure out what was different

View from my hotel
Finally, the trip away from mommy. I’m not sure who this was harder on me or him? I am overwhelmingly grateful for modern technology that I was able to video chat and see my little guy and he could talk to me and blow me a kiss.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to Be a Joyful Working Mom

In today’s episode of A Mom in the Making, I talk with my sister-in-law Gretchen about being a working mom.

How to Be a Joyful Working Mom

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If you are a working mom, you probably have had moments when you’ve felt guilty about leaving your kids to go to work. Here are some tips from our conversation that will help you stay joyful as a working mom.

  1. Love The Work That You’re Doing - Every working mom is doing work that is helping others in some way. You should embrace that and love your work because of it! Gretchen is a pediatrician, and she says that it helps when she can tell her daughter that she can’t stay home with her today because she needs to go help the sick babies get better. That thought makes both Gretchen and her daughter feel better.

  2. Know That the Mom That Cares is the Perfect Mom - Although it’s sad to think about, not every mother out there cares for their child. Some are neglectful and hurtful. By being a mother who cares and is trying, you are giving your child something special. A mom who cares is just what your child needs. She’s the perfect mom.
    Picture of Gretchen, Theresa and Charlie

  3. Think in Terms of Priorities - The Cultivate Simple Podcast inspired Gretchen to think in terms of priorities. Instead of complaining about how little time or money she may have to do something, she thinks about what is a priority for her to spend her time or money on. Maybe your house is messy because you’d prefer to spend time playing with your kids rather than cleaning. If you know what your priorities are, it’s easier to be ok with a house that’s a little less organized.

So here’s a question for you. What would you say to help encourage the working moms out there?

Monday, July 7, 2014

3 Tips for Better Communication with Your Pediatrician

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to talk with your pediatrician?

3 Tips for Better Communication with Your Pediatrician

As a new mom I know that I often am concerned about tons of things, and struggle to communicate them with my son’s pediatrician. Then I would listen to my sister-in-law who is a pediatrician complain about different patients who would come in with a laundry list of woes.

To quote Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank, “There has to be a better way!”

I decided to interview my sister-in-law and pediatrician, Gretchen about tips to give mom’s better communication with their Pediatrician.

Listen To The Interview

3 Tips for Better Communication with Your Pediatrician

  1. Make a list. It is fine to have a lot of concerns, but write them down. This way you can use your time effectively when you are actually in the room with the doctor. Plus you will not forget.

  2. Focus on the task at hand. Well visits block out more time for you to spend with the pediatrician so you can ask all your questions. Gretchen pointed out that sick visits are not a good time to address chronic issues. She also mentioned that if you don’t have a well visit coming up, offices have worried well visits were they block off more time with you and the doctor if your child isn’t sick at the moment but there are things going on that concern you.

  3. Know they are very busy. Gretchen pointed out that pediatricians see about 20 patients in a half day! That is a lot. Truly that just made me want to switch to a less busy office. But her point was that as long as you’ve been waiting, there are other concerned moms with their kids waiting to get help too.

Picture of Gretchen and Theresa

I hope this list empowers you. I know it doesn’t make you less worried about your kiddos, or magically give your doctor more time to spend with you, but hopefully you can use these tips to make your time with the pediatrician more productive. So you can walk away feeling satisfied, that you were able to ask the questions you needed.

Do you have any tips for communicating with your pediatrician?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Being a Real Mom

Being a Real Mom

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Life is so grand

Mine is simply “nailed it”
I don’t understand

I wake everyday
Just like you

Yet why is it so different
Sometimes filled with poo

I am just a real mom
A Mom in the Making

Dinner’s sometimes burt
With no cookies baking

I don’t hang my head
Or feel blue

Instead I give a smile
Meant just for you

We are the real moms
Life’s a little crazy

Until our morning coffee
Our minds are a little hazy

Let us celebrate
Our life here and now

Not its not perfect
But don’t have a cow

Chaos, coffee, cookie crumbs
Sounds good to me

Would you like to join me
A Mom in the Making to be

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Are you a real mom?

I have been trying to figure how to describe A Mom in the Making. I came up with a real mom.

There is a theme I discovering while talking with moms. They don’t like fake. They want to see everything. I did a post Chaos Behind Pinterest to show not just the cute parts of life, but the whole picture.

There are a lot of moms with the perfect house, life, hair etc. and that’s great, but I want to show the life of an average mom.

The mom you’d bump into in the baby isle. The one who is piling 1000 Pamper wipes containers into her hands because they are on sale for 99 cents. Even though there is no possible way her child could ever use that many wipes. - Ok confession… maybe that was just me last week.

We need to share real mom moments with each other! Find a friend who you can be honest with if you are struggling. This probably won’t be the same friend for everything. I don’t go to my super skinny mom friends if I’m struggling with my baby weight. Instead I find a mom who’s struggling with the same thing.

Who is your go to mom friend? Do you share a lot of things with one mom in particular or do you have several different moms you go to for different things?

It is easy to feel like we’re the only one whose kids do crazy things. But we all have those moments.

Two of My Great Real Mom Moments

  1. Letting my son help me make soup… We were measuring water together. Super adorable until I tried to capture it on camera… While I went to grab the camera he spilled 8 cups of water all over my carpeted living room floor!
    Charlie spilling water out of pan
    Charlie with water in pan picture 2

  2. Some time passed since our soup incident… I wanted to share another moment with my son… I let him share my free sample at Sincerely Yogurt… The mini cup was just the perfect size for him. I reached in my pocket for my camera… He spilled it all over himself, me, and the yogurt created a nice glue between my foot and sandel for the rest of the night.

Picture of Sincerely yogurt Charlie spilling on himself
Picture Charlie asking for more "More?" Cute little face asking for more after his mess.

Picture of ice cream

Ahh. But it was all worth it.

Do you have a favorite “real mom” moment?