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Friday, February 28, 2014

How Do Babies Say I Love You? [Podcast]

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Do you remember the first time your baby said, “I love you!” We got a great show today as we talk about special moments with our baby.

Books for Babies - Splash: Baby Faces

Mommy Moment - I love you mommy!

Goal - Let’s spend 15 minutes of quality time with our each of our kids today.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Does it ever surprise you how much your kids understand? [Pocsast]

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Does it ever surprise you how much your kids understand? Even when they are really little…
We’ll be talking about that on our show today as well as some great advice for looking great when you’re running low on time.

Books for Babies - Thanks for Thanksgiving

Fashion Fun - Quick ways to transform your outfit in no time.

Mommy Moment - We’ll look at how much babies truly do understand.

Goal - In the craziness of life it is easy to make the same meals every day. Let’s try just one new meal this week.

Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm on iTunes!

Another week wrapping up. How has it been for you?

This has been a pretty good week here.

#1 A Mom in the Making Podcast is officially on iTunes. I am trying to make it into the New and Noteworthy section. I would love if you would rate my podcast there.

#2 When I slipped on the melted ice by the back door, while holding my son. I didn’t fall and break my neck. Sure my heart stopped for a few seconds, but thankfully my guardian angel must have been watching.

#3 My Vitamix blender has been even greater than I ever could have imaged. I’ve been making between 1-2 smoothies everyday. I just feel myself getting healthier.

At the urgent request of my husband I did something crazy for me and actually looked up some recipes for green smoothies… I tend to wing it (That way all my creations are a once in a lifetime experience) But I was super excited about the site I found Simple Green Smoothies I really like how they had a general diagram for types of ingredients and ratios. It gave me the freedom to experiment while having some directions for success.

#4 My son is teething so we’re going for a record of how long I can go without sleep.

#5 Although I’ve been enjoying green smoothies… per #4 I’ve had some amazing coffee this week.

How has your week been? Calm or crazy?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who are the cute toys really for? You or Baby? [Podcast]

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We’ve got a great show today with lot of interesting stories and great ideas. I hope you enjoy!

Books for Babies - Lama Lama Wakey-Wake Lama Lama Nighty-Night

Fashion Fun - How do your clothes affect your goals?

Mommy Moment - Who are the cute toys really for you or baby?

Goals - Who’s your partner in crime for reaching goals?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Morning Maddness

Are you picking up the babysitter? I thought you were….

And the daily chaos ensues… It is amazing the difficulties that arise with 1, car 2 working parents, and a 14 month bundle of joy. I like to be on time for work and have little Charlie ready for the babysitter. Yet it seems as I get ready that there is always a surprise… Like the time he exploded 3 diapers in one morning leaving a poopy mess.

Even on the days without poop explosions it is still difficult to get up, shower, change diapers, and get myself and baby dressed and out the door.

While it can go smoothly, a simple miscommunication with papa on who's doing what will throw us into running late chaos mode putting a cloud over the day.

I’ve been throwing around ideas on a smoother morning…

#1 Make sure work clothes for mom and dad laid out the night before

#2 Have an outfit and a backup ready just in case - (this may seem simple but one morning we couldn’t find pants... It was back in October and he just had a growth spurt. I put a bunch of pairs away and the few pairs that still fit were soiled. So he instead went to my friends in a ridiculous pair of striped shorts… even though it warmed up to 80 that day I still felt bad sending my kiddo to the sitter in shorts in October!)

#3 Know your babysitting schedule at least a week in advance. Having several people helping me out is great, but keeping in all in my head is confusing. Plus it is unclear the days that papa needs to help with driving. Write out a weekly schedule.

How do you organize your mornings?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Do you have a snuggly baby?

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We’ve got a great show todays with lot of heartwarming stories and great ideas. I hope you enjoy!

Books for Babies - Snuggle Puppy

Fashion Fun - What does Fashion Fun mean for A Mom in the Making? Looking for perfect? Kate from The Small Things Blog is a constant inspiration to me.

Mommy Moment - Do you have a snuggly baby?

Goals - Our goal of the week is to plan a phone date. Take this week and catch up with an old friend.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Clearance Shopping Win or Waste? [Podcast]

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We’ve got a great show today with lot of interesting stories and great ideas. I hope you enjoy!

Books for Babies - Hugs for You

Fashion Fun - Is Clearance Shopping a Win or a Waste?

Mommy Moment - Will you stand out or be different if that’s best for your family?

Goals - Today we’re setting simple goals so you can have a Week of Wins!

After checking out the podcast let me know you goal for the week! Leave a comment.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

It has been a wonderful week!

#1 My hubbie and son bought me beautiful flowers! While I totally loved them it sparked a conversation at work on husband's gift... Which inspired a poem...
We all make this mistake
At least now and then

We get a gift and gasp aloud
$$$$ Don’t do this again!

And so that next and fateful time
We expect a gift

The glamorous bedazzle
Become a well thought thrift

Maybe we are happy
Maybe we are not

“I didn’t mean this extreme
Just don’t spend a LOT!”

This is the dilemma
That come each year

Learn to just say thank you
I love you my sweet dear

It might not be a problem
For a year or two

But twenty years down the road
He just won’t buy for you

This wisdom doesn’t come from me
But many moms and wives

Who’s shock and horror
Changed their poor lives

Make this Feb 14th
A day of bliss

Thank him for his pampering
Give him a sweet kiss

#2 I am finally breaking my weight loss slump after a steading week of gaining... Not losing :) My earlier Ode to Losing Weight must have inspired me to begin again.  

#3 I bought a Vitamix! This is like a SUPER BLENDER! I can feel myself getting healthier already... I guess I have to get it out of the box first though. 

#4 I set up a podcasting studio in the house. I'm really excited about A Mom on the Making podcast... Is is basically like a mini radio show that I'll be posting on my blog hopefully twice a week. It will share stories about real motherhood and all the joys and hiccups along the way

#5 We're going to Texas Road house for dinner! I love this place for taking a baby. Policy is that you throw your peanut shells on the ground. In the light of that mess... A baby throwing food is nothing.

What do you do for Valentine's Day?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why do I fail? [Poem]

Where is my will power
Why do I fail

I try, and try, and try again
Yet its of no avail

I think I really want to change
Be a better me

Then cookies candy and the like
Stare down at me

My days of coffee seem long gone
When I have one great day

Then I’m up and out of bed
And back to my old way

I add fun, new, healthy things
Like Chia seeds and flax

But even those can’t change the tide
If will power is lax

So here I go to start again
I’ll fight another day

I may not be skinny yet
But man I’m on my way

I did something crazy this year… I joined a Healthy Beginnings Team… What was I thinking??? I never do that. It always seems like I lose motivation and gain more weight than if I just left things alone.

What do you think about weight loss/get healthy team events? Do they motivate you or do you all just decided to go get cupcakes together?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Setting Goals, Great Books, and Much More! [Podcast]

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A Mom in the Making Podcast is new and improved! I’m excited to say that A Mom in the Making Podcast has a new format. There will typically be five sections to each podcast:

Books for Babies - I’ll have great book reviews of some of the best children’s books.

Books for Mama's - Baby books are great, but sometimes mama needs a book too. Here I’ll share ideas for some great inspirational and encouraging books.

Fashion Fun - One of my 2013/14 goals was to be more fashionable! I have been having a blast, I can’t wait to share with you the things I’m discovering while shopping, doing hair, make-up and nails.

Mommy Moments - There are so many special moments being a mom. Mommy moments will encourage us live and appreciate everyday.

Goals for the Week - Goals are great, but how do you approach goals as a mom...knowing there are endless interruptions and little sleep? Stay tuned for some wonderful ideas I’ve discovered.

So that’s the basic format now for todays podcast… Achieve your dreams. Drum roll please… (I can’t totally give the podcast away, but here are some main points and helpful links)

Books for Babies - Happy Hippo Angry Duck

Books for Mama’s - Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine from

Fashion Fun - What is the one thing you could buy which could help transform your look? - Here’s the Fedora I bought.

Mommy Moments - Be proud of your meals! Make your new theme "I worked really hard on this and I hope you enjoy it!" Your family is so lucky to have you.

Goals - Follow Crystal Paine’s advice take 15 minutes each day this week to work on your goals.

Leave me a comment about your goal for this week. Thanks for listening!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Rethinking Storytime [Podcast]

Rethinking Storytime - Podcast Episode #2

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Whether it's 1, or 100, every story you read with your child is a moment that you will treasure and they will remember. I’m excited for today’s podcast to talk about rethinking storytime to make it work for you.

Life is busy and storytime can often fall to the wayside. As someone who practically grew up in the library this seems like a tragedy.

Today’s podcast starts as I’ll talk about my love for the library growing up and how my love for books turned into a job to help me pay for college.

Next, I want to help you create an awesome storytime experience. Here’s some ideas for creating your book collection.

#1 Requesting books from the library - Free! Hurray!
#2 Buying books from a place like Ollie’s (discount place similar to TJ Maxx but with books and household goods)
#3 Thrift stores and garage sales - These prices can’t be beat.
#4 Amazon - If you look for books that qualify for free shipping over a certain amount you can order a great number of book at a really good deal.

The podcast concludes with the idea that you may have to change something to make storytime work for you. Don’t be afraid to:

#1 Change the time - We read stories earlier in the day so we’re not rushed before bed or overtired and cranky.
#2 Change the stories - Some of the books are too long or the words just aren’t my favorite… we enjoy the illustrations while I make up a story.

I hope you enjoy the podcast! Plus you can check out our video with some of our favorite bedtime books!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Mom In The Making Podcast

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Welcome to my very first podcast episode for A Mom In The Making! Back in college I actually did a series of podcast for my senior thesis. Now I’m dusting off those skills to bring you a weekly podcast with the same fun, inspiring, and encouraging stories that you’ll find on

In this first episode, you’ll discover “Who is a mom in the making?” Are you? I’ve got some great stories sharing moments of real motherhood and its not-so-glorious moments that make for magical memories. Hope you enjoy my podcast!

Mentioned in this episode: