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Thursday, May 15, 2014

An Incredible Baby Carrier That's Quick, Simple, and FREE

How on earth do you get things done while carrying a child? With an Incredible baby carrier!

Baby Carriers can be great! But also really expensive, complicated, or confusing to use.

I have always been very intimidated by the fancy wraps that people wear… but I am excited to say I have conquered my fear!

If you have ever struggled with trying to get things done while holding a baby… I’m happy to say this is a million times easier… plus it is inexpensive.

Steps for this Incredible Baby Carrier

To start you will need a piece of fabric 5 to 6 feet by 4 feet. You do not want stretchy fabric, it needs to be a fabric that will have some friction.

The free option would be to use a bed sheet or a big towel.

Gretchen’s baby is about 10 months old and around 15 pounds. Mine is 17 months and about 24 pounds. But you can do it with any size baby once you get good at it.

If you are terrified at this point, you are in a good place. I am alway scared that I will drop the baby which has always kept me from trying this in the past. Have someone help you!

  1. Swing your baby onto your back. This is the most difficult part. If you start out with the baby on your hip and you’re bent forward slightly it will help. A spotter is great for the first few times getting started.

  2. Once the baby is on your back, you will need to balance the baby while adjusting the cloth over the baby’s back, holding the sides of the cloth in each hand. You want to be pulling the baby snuggly against you. Once again, this part always scares me, but Gretchen assures me that you will feel if the baby is slipping. (If you get nervous at this part feel free to go slow, start over, or wait till someone can spot for you.)

  3. Once you are holding the baby on your back with the cloth, make sure the cloth is even, so you have about the same amount of fabric on both sides.

  4. Wrap one end of the fabric under your arm. Bring down your arm to hold it securely.

  5. Take the second side and wrap it across your chest. You will tuck the fabric tightly like you would a towel. You want to make sure that you are tucking and rolling it outward. This will make it more secure.

  6. Now it’s time to scoot the boot(y). You’ll want to check where your baby is and move them up your back. You’ll want your baby’s legs to be wrapped around your hips. Then wrap the cloth under your baby’s bottom and legs. (It is optional to just go under the baby’s bottom and leave the legs out… but we’re doing a wrap with the legs inside.)

  7. Gather the bottom of the cloth into each hand. Cross one end over and tuck it under your baby’s leg on the opposite side.

  8. Wiggle around a little bit, make sure you feel like you baby is secure. If you need to readjust where you tucked the fabric to make it a bit tighter do that now.

  9. Victory Dance! You did it. Now your arms are free for dancin’... or dishes, laundry….

You can do this! You might have to try a few times. Have someone help you so you don’t have to worry about dropping your baby while you're figuring out the technique.

I would love to hear from you! What is the most effective baby carrier for you?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! When are you going to start blogging again? I totally miss

  2. Torso carries are the best. They also tend to freak people out! Lol!

  3. Torso carries are the best. They also tend to freak people out! Lol!

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