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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Day without Coffee

We can’t serve you!

I was stumbling and falling asleep… you can’t deny a working mother coffee on a Monday morning with a day packed with meeting. I could see the espresso machine, the ice blending machine was up in running. There was a room full of people with coffee, and as they denied me mine, there were finishing serving another customer. I felt it was a cruel joke to make me suffer.

Sadly, I stumbled back to my office destined for a morning filled with yawns. After a few calls inquiring, I discovered the problem. The cash register crashed, so they couldn't accept credit cards. I am a faithful coffee drinker, I always order the same thing. I always pay cash.

Was it really the best solution to send me packing?

Although I was late going back to work so I could re-go to the coffee house. I was inspired, I need to make my own coffee so I am no longer dependent on the whims of another to start my morning.

Does anyone have any good frozen blended coffee recipes? I've tried and failed a lot, which is why I keep going back. (Please leave some ideas... my mornings depend on it!)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun with Photo Shoots

Nothing is cuter than a little boy in a giant hat!

Early this summer we bought a nice camera! The kind that you hand to someone and they have no idea how to take a picture because it has so many controls and buttons :)

Our goal was to take pictures everyday so we could practice different setting, angles… Although little Charlie was the obvious star, adding props made it a lot of fun!

One of my favorites was in the back yard with a giant sombrero.

How do you make your photo shoots extra cute?