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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Top 5 reasons to buy a Boppy!

Everyone I knew swore by their boppy... 

But when I first started nursing I had a lot of trouble and the boppy didn’t really seem to help. I felt guilty for registering for it and began to think it was a waste of $... Boy, was I wrong. It may have take awhile to appreciate but now I can’t imagine life without it.

#1 It make a great seat prop so you’re not sitting right on your stitches.

#2 Baby belly look out- My son loved to lay on his belly and look out at everyone before he could really push himself up.
Ok... I couldn't find any belly lookout photos :) I wasn't blogging then. 

#3 It is great for nursing in the car... The bobby never sat well in my nursing chair, but in the car you don’t have that support and a boppy is great.

#4 Support for dad while bouncing the baby! When little Charlie was an infant one of his favorite things was when daddy would hold him in his arms and bounce on our exercise ball. But after bouncing for a while his arms would get tired and the boppy was the perfect support.

#5 Put it behind your baby learning to sit and you avoid the painful crash and cry events.

What is your favorite use for the boppy?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Never Lose Your Keys again!

Ahhhhh! Where are my keys!!! 

Racing around the house begins... This was a common scenario for me before meeting my husband. I am not a hook person... So key hooks never helped me... I would always just stash them on the counter, the table, the couch and lose them.

But then my husband read a revolutionary book The House that Cleans Itself... honestly this book has almost killed our relationship because he is absolutely gung ho about it and its just too organized for me... but I pick up one thing I really like. Change the house as much as you can first...then change yourself.

She talks about if you’re not a hook person, don’t try to use hooks because they won’t work for you. So instead we instituted the key basket! I have a small container in our launch station where I keep my keys and my phone. It is amazing!! In the two years since we’ve done this I think I’ve lost my keys 1x .

Are you someone who struggles with losing their keys? Try a key basket... my key problem has forever been solved! (except when I stay with my parents they only have hooks. ahhh!)

How do you keep track of your keys?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Look cute in the rain!


Just as I was about to take What I Wore Wednesday pictures the downpour began... and not just a little rain... head for Noah’s Ark the flood is upon us :) So I took a new angle for my post... 
How to look cute in the rain!

#1 Choose a basic ponytail... If you start with something simple you won’t be as disappointed if the rain dampens it. Nothing is worse than spending an hour on curls only to look like a frizzy poodle after 5 minutes.

#2 Wrap a cute fashion scarf around your hair... Yes, moisture still gets in, but it can help preserve your look when you double team that with an umbrella.

#3 Wear flip flops. I hate soaking wet shoes... At least with flip flops your feet will dry.

#4 Wear light materials that will dry quickly. After 10 minutes back inside you’ll be good as new.

#5 Smile and embrace the rain! If you are already soaked, quit fighting it... splash in every puddle... know that you are living the end of every romantic movie where the heavens open up, the hero arrives, and they kiss in the rain!

After the rain everything seems greener, there is a beautiful fresh smell outside. This reminds me of life when it seems I’m caught in a storm or keep landing in puddles. 

The puddles aren’t going away so you can cry over wet shoes or laugh in the moment and wait for the rainbow!

In there a puddle in your life that needs a laugh?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why you should quit!

Pain is temporary, quitting is forever. 

I saw this on a t-shirt today and I started thinking about how we view quitting. I feel like the typical attitude is that if you quit you are a loser.

Growing up my mom encouraged us to quit. She would say “I love quitters!” Don’t misunderstand... She always encouraged us to work hard, and follow our dreams. But sometimes you have “quit” the wrong things so you can focus on achieving your dreams.

Like dropping my second major in college so I could focus my time on the Great Books Honors program and TV/Radio Communications. This paid off graduating Magna Cum Laude and from our Honors Program!

Seth Godin wrote a book, The Dip. 

It talks about how we often waste time pursuing the wrong things in the name of not quitting.

Quit! Once you’ve quit the distractions in your life you need to buckle down on one thing. In his book Seth talks about how there is a dip. This is the point where things get tough... and people give up on their dreams. However those who work their way through... win!

For me this was my blog... I really wanted to start a blog, but was discouraged in the first month that it didn’t look real. One night feeling really discouraged I was ready to quit... but instead I stayed up all night (literally... not a great idea with a 3 month baby!) and designed my logo, created an about page... That was a dip moment for me... things started picking up on my blog after that. Looking back I am super glad that I didn't’ quit!

What do you need to quit in your life?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

High Five for Friday

It has a been a fabulous week!!

#1 I created my social media buttons!! Google Drive is awesome for making buttons, logos etc :) I would love it you'd follow along...

#2 I've been enjoying my new modest shorts in the warm weather!

#3 Fresh Strawberries... Nothing beats fresh strawberries picked from the field. 

#4 Thanks to diligent hours of work from my husband and a kind customer service guy at Lowe's we fixed our leaking faucet for only $4.00!

#5 I pulled another all-nighter working on my blog... 

How was your week? 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cute Modest Shorts!

Like a good friend...modest shorts are hard to find!

Especially now that I am a mom I need shorts that I can be jumping all over the place while wearing.  

It seems like you can find shorts that are cute... but they ride up super short when you sit. Or wear my husband's shorts that are longer, but are too big and boy looking.

However this year I found two perfect pairs of shorts!

#1 These ones are super cute... but they are also a little bit longer and more fitting around your legs... So even if you’re chasing a baby under a table, or sitting on the ground, they stay long on your legs!

The cons to these shorts... They are slightly bulkier, so would not be as comfortable for working out, and would show if you wore them under an outfit.

However those problems are solved by pair #2

These one are quite a bit shorter and a swishy material...

These would be great for working out. Plus they are perfect for wearing under dresses! You do not see them at all. I didn’t wear dresses for a few months because I couldn’t nurse in them... (super sad) But now with these shorts, I can wear all my favorite dresses, and still be able to nurse!

Oh and they were only about $7.00!! That is always a challenge too... that when you finally find something modest it is way too expensive!

Cute, function, cheap... I’m sold!

Have you found any modest shorts?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

5 tips for a Successful Photo booth

3, 2, 1 Smile! 

Photo Booths have become the new norm at weddings. They bring a festive air, capturing photos of the guests in a unique way.

However I just saw a unique twist on the traditional photo booth that takes the cake! It was a western wedding and my uncle created an exquisite backdrop. It looked like the inside of the barn... chipping wooden boards, with horse gear hanging on it. The guest were then equipped with cowboy hats, ropes etc

However it wasn’t a booth... It was just a background... so all the guest could see the people as they did their photos! This allowed all the guest to participate and have a laugh as they watched people dress up and pose.

Instead of the quick snap of 4 pictures... It took one 4x6 that printed the bride and grooms name across the top with a pretty emblem. Very beautiful!

5 tips for a successful photo booth

#1 Try creating a themed background - This way it can be specific for your wedding, and everyone can share the laughs as people get ready

#2 Ask the photographer about putting your names at the top of the photos

#3 Ask your main photographer to take a few photos of people surrounding the photo booth... One of my favorite pictures of the bride was a huge laugh as she watched people taking their picture.

#4 Set it up inside the hall - The Photo Booth will attract a lot of attention. If you don’t want everyone hanging outside, put the photo booth inside the hall.

#5 Smile - A laugh and a smile make everyday better! Especially, at a wedding!

(I hoped to have more pictures but my harddrive crashed and I'm working on recovering photos... and redoing my entire backing up system)

What are your favorite ideas for photo booths?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stay Organized While Traveling

Is it really Friday

No! How could that be

Projects are unfinished
Staring down at me

Back from one vacation
I leave again today

The car's packed from the last trip
I look in dismay

What do I choose
To clean or to go

Although the laundry needs me
I smile and say no :)

Praise the Lord that it is Friday! However it seems like the world’s fastest week! Having only 3 days a home between trips means a bit on insanity.

Living away from family I am often roadtripping to visit... which means less time for house, projects etc.

I want to do everythings so I am attempting to create a list of the top 5 ways to stay organized while traveling - obviously I haven’t mastered it yet... but this is my working plan

#1 Have travel clothes -Although I don’t have a ton of clothes keeping some baby clothes and clothes of my own packed for my next trip... especially when the trips are back to back will make it easier than constantly looking for things.

#2 Pack less - The less you bring - the less there is to lose, dirty the car, pack, unpack etc

#3 Plan meals in advance - I have lots of crockpot and freezer meals... I just need to make sure I have the ingredients for them. Life runs much smoother with dinner ready right when I get home.

#4 Sneak loads of laundry throughout the day. For me this means to make sure I put in clothes over lunch break and right after work. If I just did this I could stay caught up.

#5 Bring your own snacks on trips. Planning food for back and forth will save a lot of money.

Highlights from my travel ...

#1 Dancing with my baby at the wedding.

#2 Taking photos the morning of the wedding.

This has inspired me to think about professional photography. I’m looking for some good blogs, pinterest boards etc to start following... If that’s you let me know :)

#3 Enjoying an incredible photo booth experience - Check back Monday for an exciting post about Making the Perfect Photo Booth.

#4 Arranging beautiful flowers for the wedding. 

I truly think the flowers look more beautiful when created by family and friends.

#5 Our latest travel poop explosion adventure... post coming soon!

How do you stay organized while traveling?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 Steps to Simple Beauty

Wow! You look really pretty today!

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make us look beautiful...

Coming back late from a wedding out of town and oversleeping... meant that I was creative with my morning outfit. I choose some simple black stretch pants, a black semi-fancy tee, and a pink sweater (open because it really doesn’t fit well when buttoned). Then I chose some white flower wedges, because all my other shoes were packed.

It was simple, but had a neat, clean look.  

#1 Find a pair basic black pants - this can be the base for outfits

#2 Find a simple white or black shirt that looks flattering

#3 Add a flair of color - this can be a necklace, sweater, scarf...

#4 Look through your closet for neglected items... amidst all our stuff we can forget about some great clothes.

#5 Wear all your different shoes... I tend to buy a pair of shoes, and wear them everyday until they break. Compared to some, I do not have that many pairs of shoes... But I need to remember to mix it up.

Bonus: Be confident and smile! Our attitude is the most radiating thing. A smile can transform any outfit into brilliance!

How do you dress simply beautiful?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to plant a garden in 10 Minutes...

My plants are dry and wilting
Surely they will die

Not yet in ground
I must ask... why?

Bought with great intentions
Lot of manure too

My garden’s still not planted
Whatever will I do

I have 10 short minutes
Before we go to bed

Out to the garden I race
Though planting I sped

Dirt in my nails
Mud on my jeans

I’m a success
I’ve planted all my greens

I have diligently worked on my garden for the last 3 years... digging up most of my front yard. But this year, having a 6 month son and working full time... it was not happening! I was really trying... I posted last week about How to grow the Perfect Tomato! I dug up the whole garden, bought manure, and just needed to bring up some compost from the back. I just never found the time to finish and plant things.

So finally before bed, I went and threw all my plants in the ground. We’ll see how things go. I figured they were going to die on the porch or I’d give them a shot in the uneven, un-perfect ground.

I think sometimes in life we are waiting for things to be perfect and they may never be. 

I had to choose an imperfect garden or no garden at all. Although at first I was embarrassed that it didn't look nearly as nice as last year, it is an accomplishment to have some garden vs no garden at all!

5 moments this week where I chose to live today vs waiting for things to be perfect.

#1 Choosing to plant my garden even though I truly only had about 10 minutes!

#2 Appreciating how I look in my photos, instead of picking them apart.

#3 Laughing while my son helped with dinner! We chose white rice instead of brown... it takes 10 minutes vs 50 :)

#4 Smiling as I walked into the rain! Choosing to appreciate the puddles, and reminiscing of when I was a kid and rain was my favorite!

#5 The power went out at work today. Yes, 99% of what I do is on the computer... However I seized the moment to invite a group of student workers into my office (with a window) for an office purge, going through old papers to shred, reorganize etc. And so they weren't jealous of people standing around we also rocked out to Taylor Swift!

What project are you waiting to start because you’re not sure if you can do it perfectly?