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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cute Modest Shorts!

Like a good friend...modest shorts are hard to find!

Especially now that I am a mom I need shorts that I can be jumping all over the place while wearing.  

It seems like you can find shorts that are cute... but they ride up super short when you sit. Or wear my husband's shorts that are longer, but are too big and boy looking.

However this year I found two perfect pairs of shorts!

#1 These ones are super cute... but they are also a little bit longer and more fitting around your legs... So even if you’re chasing a baby under a table, or sitting on the ground, they stay long on your legs!

The cons to these shorts... They are slightly bulkier, so would not be as comfortable for working out, and would show if you wore them under an outfit.

However those problems are solved by pair #2

These one are quite a bit shorter and a swishy material...

These would be great for working out. Plus they are perfect for wearing under dresses! You do not see them at all. I didn’t wear dresses for a few months because I couldn’t nurse in them... (super sad) But now with these shorts, I can wear all my favorite dresses, and still be able to nurse!

Oh and they were only about $7.00!! That is always a challenge too... that when you finally find something modest it is way too expensive!

Cute, function, cheap... I’m sold!

Have you found any modest shorts?


  1. I am pretty modest, I am just more comfortable that way, you know? Anyway, I usually just have to make stuff or alter things to make them work for me. Most of the shorts I have are cut and hemmed from pants! But they are the perfect length :)

    1. That is an awesome idea! You will get it perfect that way!!

  2. Here I am wondering what kind of underwear to wear under these light apricot shorts so you can't see my underwear lol!!!! Shorts are hard to find for mom's I agree since we are in that in between stage where we are not a teen anymore and not "old". Great pics and great post!

  3. I love the pictures in this post! I can tell you had fun! Forgive my ignorance, but how does wearing shorts under a dress make you able to nurse in it? I am missing being able to wear dresses!
    Tina @ Mommynificent

  4. I love modest clothing!

    I found your website from Southern Lovely. I just started a new blog and I would love for you to follow me, too!

    Looking forward to more posts!
    Naptime Nothings

  5. I love modest clothing and have a hard time finding modest shorts. thanks for posting!

  6. I love being modest! I usually wear shorts to my knees. They are hard to find, but usually I can get a few pairs. It's harder now that short shorts are back in style. I have some from Kohls. And since I'm tall, I've also gotten capris in the petite section and then just roll them once and then they're shorts! Also I'm featuring you at my link party tonight and pinning!

  7. Great find! I have a pair of long yoga shorts that serve this purpose for me :-)

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up!

  8. Similar challenge here ... I have such short legs anything long ends up beyond my knees :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x


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