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Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to plant a garden in 10 Minutes...

My plants are dry and wilting
Surely they will die

Not yet in ground
I must ask... why?

Bought with great intentions
Lot of manure too

My garden’s still not planted
Whatever will I do

I have 10 short minutes
Before we go to bed

Out to the garden I race
Though planting I sped

Dirt in my nails
Mud on my jeans

I’m a success
I’ve planted all my greens

I have diligently worked on my garden for the last 3 years... digging up most of my front yard. But this year, having a 6 month son and working full time... it was not happening! I was really trying... I posted last week about How to grow the Perfect Tomato! I dug up the whole garden, bought manure, and just needed to bring up some compost from the back. I just never found the time to finish and plant things.

So finally before bed, I went and threw all my plants in the ground. We’ll see how things go. I figured they were going to die on the porch or I’d give them a shot in the uneven, un-perfect ground.

I think sometimes in life we are waiting for things to be perfect and they may never be. 

I had to choose an imperfect garden or no garden at all. Although at first I was embarrassed that it didn't look nearly as nice as last year, it is an accomplishment to have some garden vs no garden at all!

5 moments this week where I chose to live today vs waiting for things to be perfect.

#1 Choosing to plant my garden even though I truly only had about 10 minutes!

#2 Appreciating how I look in my photos, instead of picking them apart.

#3 Laughing while my son helped with dinner! We chose white rice instead of brown... it takes 10 minutes vs 50 :)

#4 Smiling as I walked into the rain! Choosing to appreciate the puddles, and reminiscing of when I was a kid and rain was my favorite!

#5 The power went out at work today. Yes, 99% of what I do is on the computer... However I seized the moment to invite a group of student workers into my office (with a window) for an office purge, going through old papers to shred, reorganize etc. And so they weren't jealous of people standing around we also rocked out to Taylor Swift!

What project are you waiting to start because you’re not sure if you can do it perfectly?


  1. Gardening with young kids is nearly impossible... no,it is impossible! This weekend I made several attempts to weed a very small strawberry patch. It could have taken me 10 minutes if I was by myself. Instead my 1 year old ate dirt by the handfuls and my four year old alternated between tossing shovelfuls of dirt over is head or poking his sister with a stick trying to get her to "burst".
    A few days a summer I take a vacation day to send the kids to the sitter's so I can weed!

    1. I laughed and laughed when I read your comment! Thank you so much.

  2. What a great perspective!! I needed this encouragement today :) I especially liked appreciating how I look instead of picking my photos apart! Thanks for including this our Thursday link up party. I will look forward to seeing you next week.

  3. Fab post - well done on the planting. I need to do the same and rush out get everything staked up, the wind whilst we were away has caused havoc, Alice x


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