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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stay Organized While Traveling

Is it really Friday

No! How could that be

Projects are unfinished
Staring down at me

Back from one vacation
I leave again today

The car's packed from the last trip
I look in dismay

What do I choose
To clean or to go

Although the laundry needs me
I smile and say no :)

Praise the Lord that it is Friday! However it seems like the world’s fastest week! Having only 3 days a home between trips means a bit on insanity.

Living away from family I am often roadtripping to visit... which means less time for house, projects etc.

I want to do everythings so I am attempting to create a list of the top 5 ways to stay organized while traveling - obviously I haven’t mastered it yet... but this is my working plan

#1 Have travel clothes -Although I don’t have a ton of clothes keeping some baby clothes and clothes of my own packed for my next trip... especially when the trips are back to back will make it easier than constantly looking for things.

#2 Pack less - The less you bring - the less there is to lose, dirty the car, pack, unpack etc

#3 Plan meals in advance - I have lots of crockpot and freezer meals... I just need to make sure I have the ingredients for them. Life runs much smoother with dinner ready right when I get home.

#4 Sneak loads of laundry throughout the day. For me this means to make sure I put in clothes over lunch break and right after work. If I just did this I could stay caught up.

#5 Bring your own snacks on trips. Planning food for back and forth will save a lot of money.

Highlights from my travel ...

#1 Dancing with my baby at the wedding.

#2 Taking photos the morning of the wedding.

This has inspired me to think about professional photography. I’m looking for some good blogs, pinterest boards etc to start following... If that’s you let me know :)

#3 Enjoying an incredible photo booth experience - Check back Monday for an exciting post about Making the Perfect Photo Booth.

#4 Arranging beautiful flowers for the wedding. 

I truly think the flowers look more beautiful when created by family and friends.

#5 Our latest travel poop explosion adventure... post coming soon!

How do you stay organized while traveling?


  1. Great list and nice pics too :) I haven't tried it yet but I like the idea of packing up outfits individually with everything right there in the bag. I'm totally doing that when we go camping this year.

  2. That is an awesome idea! People keep suggesting that I need to try it.

  3. You have some great ideas! I especially like the one about crockpot and freezer meals...a favorite of mine, since I hate being hungry! ;)

    It may be harder, but it's more fun to travel with baby than by yourself, I think!


  4. Cute photos. I'm afraid to see what that travel poop explosion is all about. Sounds stinky to me :) Glad you had a good time. I'm visiting from Live.Laugh.Rowe tonight. Hope your week goes great, Theresa!

  5. Great tips!

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x


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