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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Never Lose Your Keys again!

Ahhhhh! Where are my keys!!! 

Racing around the house begins... This was a common scenario for me before meeting my husband. I am not a hook person... So key hooks never helped me... I would always just stash them on the counter, the table, the couch and lose them.

But then my husband read a revolutionary book The House that Cleans Itself... honestly this book has almost killed our relationship because he is absolutely gung ho about it and its just too organized for me... but I pick up one thing I really like. Change the house as much as you can first...then change yourself.

She talks about if you’re not a hook person, don’t try to use hooks because they won’t work for you. So instead we instituted the key basket! I have a small container in our launch station where I keep my keys and my phone. It is amazing!! In the two years since we’ve done this I think I’ve lost my keys 1x .

Are you someone who struggles with losing their keys? Try a key basket... my key problem has forever been solved! (except when I stay with my parents they only have hooks. ahhh!)

How do you keep track of your keys?


  1. I use a carabiner on my strap of my handbag. They are always there whether I am at work or home. And they won't get lost at the bottom of the never ending bag!

    Ann from

  2. I do this with my rings. I would take them off at night, to shower etc. and then panic about exactly where I had left them. I'm very visual and want to be able to see where they are. :D Now I have a ring holder and that works. I am a lay it down person too, not a hang it up person. I'm thinking I need this for my cell phone too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I need a key basket. I lose my keys all the time. Sometimes I even lose my keys in my own darn hand. haha


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