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Sunday, June 16, 2013

5 tips for a Successful Photo booth

3, 2, 1 Smile! 

Photo Booths have become the new norm at weddings. They bring a festive air, capturing photos of the guests in a unique way.

However I just saw a unique twist on the traditional photo booth that takes the cake! It was a western wedding and my uncle created an exquisite backdrop. It looked like the inside of the barn... chipping wooden boards, with horse gear hanging on it. The guest were then equipped with cowboy hats, ropes etc

However it wasn’t a booth... It was just a background... so all the guest could see the people as they did their photos! This allowed all the guest to participate and have a laugh as they watched people dress up and pose.

Instead of the quick snap of 4 pictures... It took one 4x6 that printed the bride and grooms name across the top with a pretty emblem. Very beautiful!

5 tips for a successful photo booth

#1 Try creating a themed background - This way it can be specific for your wedding, and everyone can share the laughs as people get ready

#2 Ask the photographer about putting your names at the top of the photos

#3 Ask your main photographer to take a few photos of people surrounding the photo booth... One of my favorite pictures of the bride was a huge laugh as she watched people taking their picture.

#4 Set it up inside the hall - The Photo Booth will attract a lot of attention. If you don’t want everyone hanging outside, put the photo booth inside the hall.

#5 Smile - A laugh and a smile make everyday better! Especially, at a wedding!

(I hoped to have more pictures but my harddrive crashed and I'm working on recovering photos... and redoing my entire backing up system)

What are your favorite ideas for photo booths?

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