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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Are you chasing the right dream?

Wooo Who! I caught a fish! 

While swimming in lake Michigan there were lots of minnows swimming around us. Although my first instinct was to scream and run I decided to show my brothers up... they had all caught minnows with their bare hands and I wanted to prove that I could too!

I set my eye on a minno... followed it and ahhhhh!!! No sooner had I caught it in my hand did I drop it screaming! Yes, I was trying to catch a minnow in my hand, but I didn’t think it would actually work.

Lesson learned... don't try to outdo my brothers :)

The second I caught it I realized there was no way I wanted that slimy fish in my hands. After recovering from the shock... I laughed it reminded me of life... It can be so thrilling to go after something... that I never stop and realize that it isn’t what I want.

Have you ever chased a dream only to realize it isn’t something you want?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 ways to Lose Baby Weight

It took 9 months to gain it yet we expect it to fall off with a few pushes…
There is nothing more discouraging than looking in the mirror after having a baby and still looking 6 months pregnant. Of course there is always the mom’s who walk out of the delivery room back in their skinny jeans… but that was not me.
I am starting to realize something… It will happen… it just takes time. I had an entire stack of clothes to burn because I would never fit in them again. Yet six months out I am finding I am still shrinking a little each week.

It is exciting! My normal wardrobe is coming back… I can wear heels too… because my sciatic nerve isn’t causing woe.

10 things to remember while losing baby weight...

#1 It took 9 months to gain it... it isn’t coming off overnight.

#2 You need rest after birth... Working out too soon will only make your recovery longer.

#3 Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories! (You may also need to eat often if you are breastfeeding... just look for healthy snacks)

#4 Eat healthy - You are tired after a baby so it is easy to fall into the Coke, coffee, espresso beans, repeat... routine. You won’t feel good doing this... and it doesn’t help with losing weight. I’ve tried :)

#5 Choose the easy option. While rushing around sleep deprived, fast grease (I mean fast food) seems inevitable. Instead try Subway, or a rotisserie chicken with a pre made salad bag. Yes, you could make something cheaper/better... but it you’re burnt out... this is healthier than generic fast food or pizza.

#6 Go for a walk... I’m not  ready for a super work out yet... But my little man is always fussy around 8 pm each night! Instead of trying to wrestle with him in the house. I go out for a 30 minute walk for him each night. This helps me to de-stress before bed, plus it helps with getting skinny.

#7 Find friends to support you - I discovered there is a whole group of moms who go walking at night in my neighborhood. It helps when you have others encouraging you.

#8 Set an achievable goal - Having a goal sets your course. There are so many different options out there... You can set a goal in your mind, write in on the fridge, use an app...

#9 Choose an encouraging workout... For me that is Richard Simons! I never did well with the bikini girl size 0 crazy hard work. Richard Simons is a low impact, achievable workout with dressed people of all shapes and sizes.

#10 Cut yourself some slack... Each pregnancy is unique with its own challenges. Looking back I know I ate too much junk food! I would make different decisions next time. However I was working full time, incredibly sick and I did my best at that moment. Getting depressed over it will only make me eat more junk. 

Appreciate your child and move forward! 
Today is a new day.

How did you lose your baby weight?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eat A Frog!

Eat a frog! 
Sounds like a fabulous book... I immediately requested a copy from the library... and it sat on the self for three weeks collecting dust and now its back at library land.

However my friend gave me the short and sweet and it changed the way I think about things. The concept is that you begin with the task you are avoiding... then things only get easier from that point.

I hate frogs... sometimes I spend days or weeks hopping from one task to the next to avoid something I don’t like doing. However the days I buckle down - plug my nose, squint my eyes and swallow the squirmy little frog are the best! I am exponentially more productive and feel great at the end of the day!

What is your frog? Are you ready to swallow it?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses

Today I walked outside my house and noticed that the pretty roses growing there had withered away. 

I had always known they were there, but had never really taken the time to appreciate their radiant beauty and magical fragrance. Their ever presence in the landscape had added a spark of color to the side of house which was now seemingly duller then before. As I pondered this change, a well know phrase came to my mind, “Stop and smell the roses.” This is a phrase we’ve all heard countless times, yet I feel few have ever truly understood its meaning.  I associate this phrase with “living in the moment.”

Say I’m bustling down the sidewalk passed a window box full of bright pink petunias. I could chose to note their cheerful color or I could just rush past them without a thought.  I’m not saying you should stop and linger till you’re late for whatever you’re doing, just enjoy the walk, make a point to smile at the stranger you pass who looks a bit down, feel the sun on your face and savor it. I think we all get caught up in our calendars sometimes and fly through events breathless and that can be fun it’s true. But, I believe it would do everyone some good to have a nice, cool lemonade on a porch swing. Because after all, it’s the little things in life that make it truly sweet!.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It is actually a guest post from my little sis Maria. She was reading it to me via video chat as I was getting ready for the Ohio Valley Blogger Meet and Greet! I was super inspired... so I had to share it!

How do you take time to smell the roses?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Perfect Modest Swimsuit!

Yippie! I actually found a modest swimsuit that I like! And after shopping at only two stores. 

I was inspired after writing my post Finding a Cute Modest Swimsuit I knew that I had to find something modest because I'd be showing it to everyone this week. This gave me encouragement to stick to my guns while shopping. It is hard to keep your convictions while shopping for clothes... I felt like I walked in and there was cute pink polka dots!! bikinis only of course... then the ugly fabric...but hurray those are 1/2 way modest lol

I encouraged myself not to lose heart! I knew eventually I would find something. I also said a quick prayer before I left. God was definitely listening... Things just fell into place. Usually I don't like the skirts because they fly up...

However right outside the fitting room I found these amazing shorts made from swimsuit material that fit perfectly under a swimsuit. They even had a pink stripe! 

Is is perfect? No... It could be a little higher, have hot pink with polka dots... but with only 1/2 hour of shopping... It was an incredible blessing! 

ps I love the idea of these shorts! They are a great find if you have a skirt, but want more coverage for chasing a baby on the beach! 

I know some of you already shared great ideas for finding modest swimwear but I would love to hear additional ideas!  

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Why I Chose Not to Use Cloth Diapers

Me Changing Charlie
Cloth diapers are amazing! They are eco friendly, no harsh chemicals on the babies bottom, way less expensive, basically awesome! Then why don’t I use them??

I can only be super mom in so many ways. Right now, my super mom feat is loving, and nursing my baby while working full time. Yes, I’d love to be using cloth diapers right now, but…

  1. It really doesn’t feel fair to decide to do cloth diapers when I wouldn’t be changing most of them.

  2. It is hard enough for me to get the basic laundry done much less trying to wash diapers each week.


As moms we are all at a different stages, the description for supermom is unique for each one of us. For me right now… The most important thing is for me to be happy with my life, my marriage, and my son. If clothes diapers don’t fit in now, maybe they will in the future.

What have you chosen not to do, while living as a supermom today?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!
Today was an incredible day to relax and just stay home. Vacation is wonderful, but just staying at home can we amazing too.

My top five moments this week were:

#1 We heard fireworks at dusk... and although there were not official fireworks around us today... random people were shooting off quite a show. We enjoyed our first fireworks as a family from the picnic table on our front porch! However once the fireworks were closer together little Charlie got scared so we went inside instead... maybe next year :)

#2 Picking fresh raspberries from our bushes. Yes, they are a little growing a little crazy but they are incredibly delicious.  

#3 My quest of a modest swimsuit was a success! I hope to have a post coming soon!

#4 There was a big storm... and I ran out in the rain to close the window on the back of our neighbor’s truck... Yes, I got totally soaked! But I saved his car and it was a good excuse to dance in the rain.

#5 Only 1 day of work left! I never complain about a short work week. TGIF!

I would love to hear about your week!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finding a cute modest swimsuit!

Summer is here and my least favorite moment has arrived... finding a modest swimsuit. 

I hate this experience so much that last time I found a swimsuit I liked I bought two... so I’d never have to shop for one again.

But here’s the problem. I did not anticipate my baby bump leftovers :) So although I haven’t tried... I do not think my favorite swimsuit still fits. Ahhh

So with only 3 days left before going to the lake I have a MAJOR problem...

Luckily there seems to be a few more options available in stores these days... When I was a kid not even the conservative families wore shorts with their swimsuits... I’m pretty sure our family invented modest swimsuits :) - One of my greatest summer memories was when an entire community (I believe they were Mennonite) came to swim at the beach by us... and we all matched wearing shorts and tees while swimming.

Now at least there is this hip niche market for modest swimsuits, be it shorts, skirts, etc. Still there is a long checklist to find the perfect modest swimsuit.

If I don't find a swimsuit... I'll be stuck wearing this over my too small one.
Cute, but I'd rather not swim in it.
Checklist for modest swimsuit

#1 Covers your bottom - shorts are very practical... skirts are more cute :) However whichever option you choose make SURE it is bathing suit material or it won’t dry and it is a nightmare!! (And some pools won’t let you wear shorts, unless it is a “swimwear”)

#2 It has a high neckline. This one is tricky... you can put a small piece of material between a v-neck. You want to see what it looks like when you move. Sometimes the best option on the hanger is horrible in real life.

#3 It cannot be see-through. Many times high top racing type swimsuit seem great until wet... and they look like saran wrap...

#4 Your belly... truly - I feel like you are in one of two categories: a) You do look great - in which case you can save your look for your special someone or b) Like me there’s just a little too much you to show off for the world :) - either way cover your belly :)

Bonus: Oh yeah and you want to look cute! If you’re like me this is secretly your #1 on the list.

We will see how my shopping goes... I’ll keep you updated! 

Does anyone have good ideas for modest bathing suits?

If you’re wondering why the deal is with modest swimwear... here is an incredible article.