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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Skinny... Or at least the jeans are

I've never actually owned a pair of skinny jeans up until now. I guess I always struggled with the idea of clothes looking like they were spray painted on the body. (I know most skinny jeans aren't that bad, but I tend to exaggerate sometimes) But after pregnancy and two and a half months of just wearing nightgowns and sweats I had enough... I had to know that I still had at least some shape. 

So my quest began. I shopped, and shopped and shopped. Until I was ready to give up and cry. I had to find a pair because I had a baby shower to attend and I didn’t want my friend to be depressed thinking that there was no beauty after baby. The trick was that I needed skinny jeans with an elastic waist. My legs were looking fab, but I was still rocking a major baby belly. I’d get the jeans on and then they wouldn’t zip. Finally, I found my jeans at an unlikely place, Walmart. My friend was actually registered there for her baby shower, so I had decided to just go and buy her gift, but while I was there I walked through the clothes. There they were, pair of skinny jeans that fit just right. It wasn’t really an elastic waist, but it didn’t zip so it worked.

Sometimes I second guess myself and feel like I have to buy clothes from expensive stores to be fashionable. But after looking all around I found my magical pair of skinny jeans at Walmart!


  1. Sometimes I find the best clothing finds at Wal-Mart! It's hit and miss, but on occasion they have the cutest clothes at an awesome price!!! You look great in your skinny jeans by the way! ;)

    ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  2. Kassi,
    Thanks for the complement. I realized that I have been wearing my skinny jeans everyday. I think I might check Walmart to see if they have similar pants that I could wear to work.

  3. I dont mind getting jeans from any store I can find them to fit me. You look awsome in yours. Its been 21 years since I had a baby and Im still trying to get rid of baby fat. LOL. and Theresa is darling! Have a wonderful week and come visit me sometime!

  4. Thank you so much Lisa! Now I just have to fix my eating habits... being pregnant and nursing I eat a lot. But I know I'll eventually quit nursing and have to go back to eating a normal amount :)

  5. glad you found a pair you love! you look great! thanks for linking up with dress for the day!

  6. I still have yet to purchase a pair! Your look good on those skinny legs!

  7. Thanks so much for visiting Let's Connect Thursday! We were happy to have you join us.
    I noticed that you linked up a blog post versus your Facebook page though. Since the party is a social media blog hop, we are asking everyone to link up their social media page {Facebook this week} versus a post.
    I hope you will come back to Let's Connect Thursday and link up your Facebook page with us!

  8. I'm stopping over from Modest Monday. Glad you could be an encouragement to your friend.


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