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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cleaning vs Comics

We had a major cleaning weekend... we pulled out the furniture, pine-soled the baseboards, scrubbed the heater vents, washed the windows inside and out, scrubbed down the front door...
Now before you start thinking, "Wow, she's super mom!" You need to understand, we did this for the entryway of the house. Then lil Charlie started fussing. He was indignant that we were not just sitting and worshiping him. My hubbie jumped up to go rescue him, which was great except that he was covered in Pine-sol and DIDN'T wash his hands. I screamed in horror and insisted that he wash his hands before going near our little guy.
At that point he burst out laughing and said he wanted to make a comic caricaturing my reaction… And that was the end of the cleaning. We spend that next 3 hours laughing and drawing up the following comic.
Don’t worry though, the entry way of our house is sparkling clean… just don’t walk beyond that.   
NO, my husband did not give him a bath in pine-sol... it just made a funny comic!


  1. LOLOL!!!!!!!! That just made my day! SO funny!

  2. Yes!! I am so happy! I still crack up when I read it. Oh and I already created another comic for next week :)


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