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Friday, March 22, 2013

Blog Birthday Blast

Happy Birthday to... My Blog! Today is officially the one month birthday of my blog! I am thrilled and excited to have been blogging successfully for one month! My goal for the first month was 500 pageviews, but I have surpassed that with over 750 pageviews from 10 different countries. (I know that is small potatoes for the super blogs, but I am proud of that for my first month.)

#1 My little sister made an INCREDIBLE cake for St. Patrick's Day!! Even though I couldn't be with her I loved getting to video chat, and see all her cake pictures via Google+

#2 I drew my very first comic! Yes, we were supposed to be cleaning the house... but this was much much more fun.

#3 Skinny... at least the jeans are - I finally got to show off my sweet skinny jeans, that I bought.

#4 Chai Tea frozen latte - I actually branched out and bought something other than my traditional frozen coffee this week. They did a double take at the coffeehouse when I ordered because they were shocked I wasn’t getting my usual Brown Cow Chill - dark chocolate, white chocolate, espresso, ice cream mix, topped with lots of whip cream caramel and chocolate. (A nice healthy start to my day lol)

#5 Lil Charlie slept through the night!! Yes, he was doing that before, but not since he has been cutting teeth. Praise the Lord! It is incredible how much happier I am with 8 small hours of uninterrupted sleep :)

I would love to hear the highlights of your week!


  1. I love that cake!! your sister did such a good job!
    I am glad that you got a solid night of sleep! my son still sometimes wakes up (and he's 18 months!)
    did you like the chai latte?
    have a great weekend!

  2. The chai latte was surprisingly good. Not an everyday thing, but it is cheaper than the coffee :)
    About the sleep... he did sleep through the night on Wednesday. (I wrote my post Thursday) but last night... he kept me up till 4:30am when I gave up and asked my husband to take him. So I guess we're not out of the woods yet.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. And I see you are new to blogging. Welcome to the partayyyyy!!! ;) I wish you will enjoy being a part of this online community. :)

    The cake is fun. And gosh charlie is so cute. Chai latte! Never tried that, I must! I am a big time chai (tea) person. Chai being an Indian word, that is common to me.

    Wishing you a happy weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Hani. I am really loving getting involved with blogging, and am so glad you checked out my blog.

  4. Why does baby Charlie always seem to just have one sock on? lolol

  5. Well... his newest motor skill is taking off his socks. He uses his left foot to kick off his right sock :) We're guessing he'll be left handed just like his daddy :)


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