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Monday, March 31, 2014

Is Blogging Stressful or Fun

Blogging stressful
it makes me lose sleep

Yet I find without it
I just want to weep

It can be creative
It can be so fun

Making little projects
till the day is done

Now I’m back at blogging
Blogging act take II

Ready for Adventure?
I am are you?

I jumped headfirst into blogging while on maternity leave… it was great. It gave me a sense of purpose as I burned the midnight oil every single night!! But somewhere along the way a problem arose… yes my little guy still wakes up all night. But he goes to bed at around 8:30 so instead of catching some sleep while he is resting, I’ve been on the work till midnight on the blog kick.

Plus being back at work took away all my midday nap opportunities. I continued to struggle though… but when some medical things came crashing my way that did it. The blog died!!! I simply couldn’t do it all.

So I’m back… We’ll see how things go. I’ve got some fun ideas for reviving the blog. Maybe less link parties, more planning in advance.

I missed the community, seeing nice comments at the bottom of my posts. Getting to meet other great bloggers.

How do you find time to do the things you love... While still getting sleep and raising a little one?

Should Homes have Secretaries

I look at a business
Efficient and on cue

Bosses have their minions
Like our great friend Gur

The head creates a vision
A pie in the sky

People make it happen
He lets out a sigh

Tasks big and small
Theres always someone there

To do the work take the time
Better to prepare

Sure to run a business
I’d agree its big

But trying running a home
Now that’s a real gig

Where is my secretary
To keep my head on straight

Bills are paid, like you said
“Wow, you’re looking great!”

I’ll start a revolution
Mom’s need help today!

Even a few hours
Could change the way we play

I noticed something while starting at the ceiling feeling overwhelmed after a long hard day. At work things get done so quickly because there is a team. Plus all the bosses have secretaries. They come up with the big vision and someone else figures out the 10000 little details to make it happen. Wow! My house would be so different if I had someone to help me like that. Even just the organization things, like

“Ok… I filled out those thank you cards can you, my secretary, please address and mail them.”
(I filled them out the week after my son’s bday… 2 ½ months later they sat next to the door waiting for stamps).

Maybe a secretary isn’t the solution… But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who just helped organize your thoughts, house, and your mile long to do list.

Has anyone figured out a good solution to this? It seems like every other job on the planet gets a support team, but motherhood and housekeeping are like being dropped into ponds of snapping alligators.

Please share what you are doing? I would love to try some new ideas...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Frozen: Can Parents Go too Far?

When does protecting our children actually hurt them? This question has been mulling in my brain as I’ve been singing Frozen at the top of my lungs. I fell in love with the songs long before I actually saw the movie. My sister came to visit and was singing them constantly so I had no choice, but to join the fun.

It was funny not seeing the movie, but singing the songs daily because I gradually learned the story as I paid attention to the songs.

Not being able to wait till it actually came out on DVD we bought it early on Google Play. (spoiler alert… if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I do give away some details)

But I had a really hard time watching the movie. Elsa and Anna were best friends! But when Anna gets hurt the parents lock Elsa away as if she is cursed… Like a child she is filled with fear which only makes things worst.

I thought of my own son at this moment. My friend will watch him while I’m at work and he is best friends with her boy. They are wonderful together! But there is a moment that is frozen in my mind.

When both boys were just learning how to walk, and they had also just learned their favorite thing how to give a hug. One morning my son was particularly happy to see his friend. He jumped down from my arms and ran (as fast as a 10 month old can) to give his buddy a hug. Instead of a warm hug, he caught him off balance, and BAM! He took him down like a linebacker…

I’m not sure who was more scared… the poor little guy getting tackled or my son as he crashed him down and saw his friend burst into tears.

That was Elsa playing with Anna. Sure I was scared my son hurt my friends kiddo… but I can’t imagine locking him in his room forever because he might do it again…

I want to be there by my son at all moments. If there are challenges, I want to be there to support, understand and encourage him.

Here are the happy boys... in Summer!!!

Spring returns because Anna had the courage to do what her parents lacked… she showed Elsa true love. She stood by her even if it would cost her life.

So even though I’m still dancing in halls, asking my son if he wants to build a snowman… my heart is dwelling on a deeper topic… Making sure to always stand by my son, even in moments of struggle.

Did Frozen make you think about your parenting style?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to avoid fake smiles

Do you ever find it hard to smile for pictures? 

Its not that you’re unhappy, but suddenly when it is time to shine in front of a camera you’re filled with self-consciousness…

I think this happens to all of us at least from time to time. And it really is a tragedy. Because as moms we pass this on to our kids or others who look up to us. I went out to take a bunch of pics for a site redesign. I desperately need a cleaner look for my blog… but as I got ready to take pictures I just couldn't seem to do it.

I was either squinting, had my eyes closed, had a fake smile because I was trying too hard to make sure I was smiling. Eventually I just started making some funny faces trying to relax and those were some of my favorite pictures. Last year I wrote a post about How to Look Beautiful in your pictures… Now I just need to figure out how to relax and smile for pictures!

It was nice though having my hubbie take the pics to say ok… that’s a face smile try again.

How do you keep your pictures cute, but real?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Am I a Bad Mom if I Throw out Toys

Do you have a problem with too many toys?
(if you don't, continue reading then, go help a friend who is disorganized, they will appreciate it).

Where do your toys come from? In general, toys in the house have been a gift from someone or something that we have bought. Consequently, we love all of them. Sure there are some that we use more than others or are a particular favorite, but each toy has a story.

If each toy is so great the natural answers seems to be that we should keep all of them! However by saying yes to all the toys a natural hurricane seems to ensue... Instead of having a bunch of wonderful toys there is suddenly a heap of colorful things.

This is where the problem arises, if I get rid of the toys, I'm a bad mom for depriving my child. If I keep them all he can't possibly enjoy them in the mess.

The golden solution: I've decided to divide my toys. I was ruthless and put away the ones that he is truly too old for to save for the next baby. At the same time I put away the toys that were slightly above his level, so I'm not sick of them by the time he grows into them.

Then I split the toys up keeping them in different rooms so there are only one or two options at a given time.

Lastly, I put a few toys away that I will rotate in every few weeks to give it is a nice change up. Although it was excruciating putting away so many toys for seemingly good... we actually enjoyed playing with our cars tonight, there was plenty of room and they were an obvious option given the open space.

Do you feel bad about getting rid of toys?

Friday, March 21, 2014

A New Way to Clean

Are you ready for a house cleaning break though...
(then we'll recap the week)

#1 I am super excited to try a new idea for cleaning the house. It seems like we are "always cleaning"... yet things are never actually getting clean. So starting today we are going to do our first Super Cleaning Weekend. I typically sleep in super late on Saturdays! But we've agreed my husband will get up at 6:00 get himself ready... then drive to Starbucks and get me a triple shot! Greet me with a kiss and coffee at 7:00 AM (ahhhh!) at which point we're going to power clean for the next 12 hours. No fun! No friends! Just cleaning. Sunday morning (rinse and repeat...)

Now this may seem crazy... I hate morning, and hate cleaning... but I couldn't be more excited! I can totally get more done with coffee and I am committing to 24 days of 7 AM 12 hour cleaning days for the next year. The lingering unknown of being stuck cleaning forever is unbearable... I'd rather give it my all for 288 hours... wow that does sounds like a crazy amount of time... then to constantly feel it nagging on me.

Obviously there is other cleaning that will happen throughout a regular week... but our hardcore setting up systems and getting things done will be concentrated into a few key times.

I probably won't have pics throughout the day... (no blogging just cleaning), but hopefully I can let you know how it went. 

Now for the rest of the week...

#2 I've been enjoying a little bit of nice weather to bust out the skirts and flip flops.
I just couldn't help taking a pic as I celebrated my toes being free! 

#3 "Life isn't a fairy tale, but you're definitely living the dream!"  I finally settled upon a new tag line for my blog. I spent days tossing around different ideas. I wanted to express that motherhood can be messy, challenging, but overall super rewarding! I really want A Mom in the Making to be a place where you can find real motherhood in it's glories and struggles. Sweet poem about this!

#4 Taking advantage of the warm weather I went for my first spring run... (so I didn't take any pics... I was rushing out the door, but you can imagine I looked something like this... except outside)

How can I replace my spinach leaves?
#5 Finally, can you have too much of a good thing? I think I may have officially overdone it with spinach. I adore my green smoothies, but I think I need to mix it up.  I guess you're supposed to switch up what greens you use if have them everyday? Does anyone know good suggestions, I'm not a fan of Kale... so I don't what to choose next?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Giving Grey some Pzazz!

The world is going green, and I am going grey…

As I surveyed my closet I noticed one thing. Everything is pink! Pink heels, pink flats, pink blouses, pink scarves, pink suit coats… While I love my pink, I think my outfits begin to blend as one. In trying to become more fashionable I have been studying Pinterest, my favorite blogs, movies… and I noticed something. Grey can be great!

I've always written off grey as a rather blah, without pzazz... it turns out grey is a great base for bold accents!

Initially the grey snuck into my closet with my fabulous maxi skirt! Receiving it from a friend it was everything you want in a skirt, flattering, cute, stylish, free… Only after wearing it for weeks did I realize it was grey! This is a new thing for me.

Later when purse shopping, I felt like I already owned all the pink options or at least the twin sister of them. But somehow I was drawn to the grey option. Simple and subtle… two things that NEVER make it into my vocab. I love it. It goes with every outfit, it blends.

Now my popping statement can be my hair, new lipstick, or scarf vs. my bright purse stealing always the show.

What are your favorite grey items?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Are you a great Mom?

Hours spent on Pinterst
My heart gives out a sigh

Could I ever be that good
Nope its a lie

Everything is perfect
Sparkling and in place

Then I look around my house
It lacks that simple grace

What’s meant to inspire
Can sometimes just depress

I’m guess I’m just a failure
As I look at my mess

The way you begin a word
Can really say it all

Inspiration vs Aspiration
Our success or make us fall

When you look at Pinterst or mommy blogs do you feel inspired or defeated? My goal for A Mom in the Making is to inspired you. Yes motherhood does have perfect moments. But those moments are perfect motherhood are often followed by chucks of crayon in the diaper, or scrubbing the carpet from an unexpected mess.

Perfection is wonderful but I try to love the little moments with my son. When he says "I love you", or simply enjoying Story Time together.

How to do you stay inspired in motherhood?

Friday, March 14, 2014

High Five for Friday

What a beautiful week. 

#1 Finally after a long cold winter we had a melt... Here's my little guy enjoying some well needed sunlight outside. 

#2 With my Green Smoothies I feel I'm already getting into the spirit for St. Patty's day this year. (last year was a cake this year a green smoothie...this year is already off to a healthy start)

#3 I've been enjoying fielding a lot of breastfeeding questions lately... Now that I've pasted the 12 month mark everyone wants to know..."when will you quit!" While that question is for another day it did inspired my post, Should you breastfeed after Biting?

#4 I discovered PicMonkey! I can't believe I've been blogging for a year without. It is amazing how easy it is to add text to my pics now. 

#5 I am praising God for my health and all the blessing my family has received. A friend and blogger Natalie has been in and out of the hospital for over two weeks but is finally home and recovering. Praise God. I think sometimes get caught up in the little trouble of life and can overlook my many blessing. 

Today I just want to thank God for the gifts of today!

What were the highlights of your week?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Should you breastfeed after Biting?

Chomp! Ahhhh! 

While the moment you see that first tooth breakthrough should be a moment of sheer joy... for a breastfeeding mom it is like reaching the hill at the top of a rollercoaster. Although you are excited there is sense of terror as you know that first time he bites you may come at any time.

Keeping going! I know I have heard from many moms that the quit breastfeeding at the first moment of teeth... It does get better. I feel like there is the initial stage when they are cutting teeth... they bite everything! (including you) but at least for me it seemed to pass after a while.

I have found he tends to bite when he doesn’t want to nurse... and is messing around. Other mom’s have told me that if their baby bites, they quit that nursing session.

How do you handle biting with nursing?
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Monday, March 10, 2014

When jeans make us dance!

"Michael love’s his jeans!"

I will never forget the opening scene of The Office when Pam talks about how much Michael loves his jeans. If you haven’t seen it, they show Michael dancing around the office, up on his desk showing off how great he looks in his jeans!

That was me! On a whim I decided to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans… and not only did they fit, but they were big! I felt like a million bucks!

I was basically dancing around the room in grand celebration!

It was such a success to finally be in normal clothes again! And jeans are so comfy… I just wanted to wear them all day everyday.

Do you have an outfit that makes you feel great?
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quick Green Smoothies

Have you tried Green Smoothies yet? If not I cannot encourage you enough. They are wonderful!

Every time I drink them I feel like I will live forever. 

As a mom we are often short on time for ourselves, especially when it comes to eating healthy. With my green smoothies, I can enjoy a healthy lunch that takes 5 minutes to prepare and is easy to drink on the go. 

5 Tips for Successful Green Smoothies:

#1 Blend your greens first. I always used to end up with chunks of spinach in my smoothie. If you blend your liquid and spinach first it completely purees, so you get the nutrients without the chunks in your teeth. 

#2 Add a healthy splash. I add flaxseed and chia seeds to my smoothies on a daily basis. They are loaded with protein, omega 3s etc This gives me an added boost in addition to the greens. 

#3 Make them filling. Smoothies can fill two roles: taking the place of a meal or a nice addition on the side. If I know I'm pinched for time and won't be eating anything else I like to add steel cut oats (basically the ba version of oatmeal)

#4 Use a fun liquid as your base. No one wants to drink a smoothie that does take good. There are two options don't drink them at all or use pink lemonade, coconut water etc this sweetness helps chase away any bitter flavor. 

#5 Don't be afraid to use too much liquid. I'm alway nervous about making my smoothie too liquidy that I tend to end up with a rock of frozen fruit and an angry blender. Be generous. Simple Green Smoothie gives some good ratios. I never would have added that much liquid, but it really helps. 

Now for me I glanced at the chart the first time and haven't looked back... So you don't need to follow it to a t or measure everything, every time, but it gives a good starting point. 

BONUS: Watch what fruits you add. Trying different fruits can make fun flavor combinations, but once you start adding blueberries, raspberries, even strawberries you smoothie will look more like this. Somehow people aren't as excited about a brown smoothie... 

TIP: Fruits that keeps your smoothie nice and green are mango, green grapes, pineapple, and banana. 

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Do you have secrets for great smoothies?