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Friday, March 21, 2014

A New Way to Clean

Are you ready for a house cleaning break though...
(then we'll recap the week)

#1 I am super excited to try a new idea for cleaning the house. It seems like we are "always cleaning"... yet things are never actually getting clean. So starting today we are going to do our first Super Cleaning Weekend. I typically sleep in super late on Saturdays! But we've agreed my husband will get up at 6:00 get himself ready... then drive to Starbucks and get me a triple shot! Greet me with a kiss and coffee at 7:00 AM (ahhhh!) at which point we're going to power clean for the next 12 hours. No fun! No friends! Just cleaning. Sunday morning (rinse and repeat...)

Now this may seem crazy... I hate morning, and hate cleaning... but I couldn't be more excited! I can totally get more done with coffee and I am committing to 24 days of 7 AM 12 hour cleaning days for the next year. The lingering unknown of being stuck cleaning forever is unbearable... I'd rather give it my all for 288 hours... wow that does sounds like a crazy amount of time... then to constantly feel it nagging on me.

Obviously there is other cleaning that will happen throughout a regular week... but our hardcore setting up systems and getting things done will be concentrated into a few key times.

I probably won't have pics throughout the day... (no blogging just cleaning), but hopefully I can let you know how it went. 

Now for the rest of the week...

#2 I've been enjoying a little bit of nice weather to bust out the skirts and flip flops.
I just couldn't help taking a pic as I celebrated my toes being free! 

#3 "Life isn't a fairy tale, but you're definitely living the dream!"  I finally settled upon a new tag line for my blog. I spent days tossing around different ideas. I wanted to express that motherhood can be messy, challenging, but overall super rewarding! I really want A Mom in the Making to be a place where you can find real motherhood in it's glories and struggles. Sweet poem about this!

#4 Taking advantage of the warm weather I went for my first spring run... (so I didn't take any pics... I was rushing out the door, but you can imagine I looked something like this... except outside)

How can I replace my spinach leaves?
#5 Finally, can you have too much of a good thing? I think I may have officially overdone it with spinach. I adore my green smoothies, but I think I need to mix it up.  I guess you're supposed to switch up what greens you use if have them everyday? Does anyone know good suggestions, I'm not a fan of Kale... so I don't what to choose next?


  1. Broccoli makes good smoothies. I have used a little celery before but it is pretty strong, so be careful, just a little. I also use random lettuce. Good stuff! =D

    1. Broccoli really... I'm scared! I had to eat broccoli all during my pregnancy now I can't bare the sight of it, lol

      But truly do you cook the broccoli first? I'm trying to imagine how it tastes

  2. Raw kale is actually practically flavorless in smoothies, like baby spinach. It just takes extra blending to smooth the texture. Baby kale is even better, texture-wise. I'm not a kale fan either, other than in smoothies ;)

    1. Thanks I'm going to have to try baby kale... And blending it longer :)

      What do you use as your liquid base?... I always use pink lemonaid, it masks any veggie flavor. But am looking for other yummy ideas. Thanks


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