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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Giving Grey some Pzazz!

The world is going green, and I am going grey…

As I surveyed my closet I noticed one thing. Everything is pink! Pink heels, pink flats, pink blouses, pink scarves, pink suit coats… While I love my pink, I think my outfits begin to blend as one. In trying to become more fashionable I have been studying Pinterest, my favorite blogs, movies… and I noticed something. Grey can be great!

I've always written off grey as a rather blah, without pzazz... it turns out grey is a great base for bold accents!

Initially the grey snuck into my closet with my fabulous maxi skirt! Receiving it from a friend it was everything you want in a skirt, flattering, cute, stylish, free… Only after wearing it for weeks did I realize it was grey! This is a new thing for me.

Later when purse shopping, I felt like I already owned all the pink options or at least the twin sister of them. But somehow I was drawn to the grey option. Simple and subtle… two things that NEVER make it into my vocab. I love it. It goes with every outfit, it blends.

Now my popping statement can be my hair, new lipstick, or scarf vs. my bright purse stealing always the show.

What are your favorite grey items?


  1. i love gray, how funny that your closet is mostly all pink. i just bought a pink bag for spring, and of course i will be pairing it with gray. good combo.

  2. I bet your pink bag is adorable!! Do you have a pic of it on your blog yet? I would love to see it

  3. Gray is the new black! Or maybe the new pink.... It's a fab color I consider a staple in my wardrobe, and I'm sure you'll come to love it too! Besides, it goes great with pink! You see, I had to learn to like pink when my baby girl came along... funny thing is at 4 years old, now she doesn't like pink - and I do!!!

    1. Of course she doesn't... I keep worrying when I have a little girl she won't like pink either :(

      What greys do you find look best? Light, dark... This color is still new for me.


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