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Monday, March 17, 2014

Are you a great Mom?

Hours spent on Pinterst
My heart gives out a sigh

Could I ever be that good
Nope its a lie

Everything is perfect
Sparkling and in place

Then I look around my house
It lacks that simple grace

What’s meant to inspire
Can sometimes just depress

I’m guess I’m just a failure
As I look at my mess

The way you begin a word
Can really say it all

Inspiration vs Aspiration
Our success or make us fall

When you look at Pinterst or mommy blogs do you feel inspired or defeated? My goal for A Mom in the Making is to inspired you. Yes motherhood does have perfect moments. But those moments are perfect motherhood are often followed by chucks of crayon in the diaper, or scrubbing the carpet from an unexpected mess.

Perfection is wonderful but I try to love the little moments with my son. When he says "I love you", or simply enjoying Story Time together.

How to do you stay inspired in motherhood?

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