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Friday, February 7, 2014

Rethinking Storytime [Podcast]

Rethinking Storytime - Podcast Episode #2

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Whether it's 1, or 100, every story you read with your child is a moment that you will treasure and they will remember. I’m excited for today’s podcast to talk about rethinking storytime to make it work for you.

Life is busy and storytime can often fall to the wayside. As someone who practically grew up in the library this seems like a tragedy.

Today’s podcast starts as I’ll talk about my love for the library growing up and how my love for books turned into a job to help me pay for college.

Next, I want to help you create an awesome storytime experience. Here’s some ideas for creating your book collection.

#1 Requesting books from the library - Free! Hurray!
#2 Buying books from a place like Ollie’s (discount place similar to TJ Maxx but with books and household goods)
#3 Thrift stores and garage sales - These prices can’t be beat.
#4 Amazon - If you look for books that qualify for free shipping over a certain amount you can order a great number of book at a really good deal.

The podcast concludes with the idea that you may have to change something to make storytime work for you. Don’t be afraid to:

#1 Change the time - We read stories earlier in the day so we’re not rushed before bed or overtired and cranky.
#2 Change the stories - Some of the books are too long or the words just aren’t my favorite… we enjoy the illustrations while I make up a story.

I hope you enjoy the podcast! Plus you can check out our video with some of our favorite bedtime books!

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