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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

It has been a wonderful week!

#1 My hubbie and son bought me beautiful flowers! While I totally loved them it sparked a conversation at work on husband's gift... Which inspired a poem...
We all make this mistake
At least now and then

We get a gift and gasp aloud
$$$$ Don’t do this again!

And so that next and fateful time
We expect a gift

The glamorous bedazzle
Become a well thought thrift

Maybe we are happy
Maybe we are not

“I didn’t mean this extreme
Just don’t spend a LOT!”

This is the dilemma
That come each year

Learn to just say thank you
I love you my sweet dear

It might not be a problem
For a year or two

But twenty years down the road
He just won’t buy for you

This wisdom doesn’t come from me
But many moms and wives

Who’s shock and horror
Changed their poor lives

Make this Feb 14th
A day of bliss

Thank him for his pampering
Give him a sweet kiss

#2 I am finally breaking my weight loss slump after a steading week of gaining... Not losing :) My earlier Ode to Losing Weight must have inspired me to begin again.  

#3 I bought a Vitamix! This is like a SUPER BLENDER! I can feel myself getting healthier already... I guess I have to get it out of the box first though. 

#4 I set up a podcasting studio in the house. I'm really excited about A Mom on the Making podcast... Is is basically like a mini radio show that I'll be posting on my blog hopefully twice a week. It will share stories about real motherhood and all the joys and hiccups along the way

#5 We're going to Texas Road house for dinner! I love this place for taking a baby. Policy is that you throw your peanut shells on the ground. In the light of that mess... A baby throwing food is nothing.

What do you do for Valentine's Day?

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