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Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm on iTunes!

Another week wrapping up. How has it been for you?

This has been a pretty good week here.

#1 A Mom in the Making Podcast is officially on iTunes. I am trying to make it into the New and Noteworthy section. I would love if you would rate my podcast there.

#2 When I slipped on the melted ice by the back door, while holding my son. I didn’t fall and break my neck. Sure my heart stopped for a few seconds, but thankfully my guardian angel must have been watching.

#3 My Vitamix blender has been even greater than I ever could have imaged. I’ve been making between 1-2 smoothies everyday. I just feel myself getting healthier.

At the urgent request of my husband I did something crazy for me and actually looked up some recipes for green smoothies… I tend to wing it (That way all my creations are a once in a lifetime experience) But I was super excited about the site I found Simple Green Smoothies I really like how they had a general diagram for types of ingredients and ratios. It gave me the freedom to experiment while having some directions for success.

#4 My son is teething so we’re going for a record of how long I can go without sleep.

#5 Although I’ve been enjoying green smoothies… per #4 I’ve had some amazing coffee this week.

How has your week been? Calm or crazy?

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