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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Morning Maddness

Are you picking up the babysitter? I thought you were….

And the daily chaos ensues… It is amazing the difficulties that arise with 1, car 2 working parents, and a 14 month bundle of joy. I like to be on time for work and have little Charlie ready for the babysitter. Yet it seems as I get ready that there is always a surprise… Like the time he exploded 3 diapers in one morning leaving a poopy mess.

Even on the days without poop explosions it is still difficult to get up, shower, change diapers, and get myself and baby dressed and out the door.

While it can go smoothly, a simple miscommunication with papa on who's doing what will throw us into running late chaos mode putting a cloud over the day.

I’ve been throwing around ideas on a smoother morning…

#1 Make sure work clothes for mom and dad laid out the night before

#2 Have an outfit and a backup ready just in case - (this may seem simple but one morning we couldn’t find pants... It was back in October and he just had a growth spurt. I put a bunch of pairs away and the few pairs that still fit were soiled. So he instead went to my friends in a ridiculous pair of striped shorts… even though it warmed up to 80 that day I still felt bad sending my kiddo to the sitter in shorts in October!)

#3 Know your babysitting schedule at least a week in advance. Having several people helping me out is great, but keeping in all in my head is confusing. Plus it is unclear the days that papa needs to help with driving. Write out a weekly schedule.

How do you organize your mornings?


  1. Fantastic tips.

    Have you ever noticed how those explosions are always annoyingly timed to the most frantic moment of the day?

    1. Oh, They absolutely are!

      On Monday this week as I was rushing out the door, and I hear this rumble and then the smell. So instead of just rushing to work, I'm rushing and wresting to change a diaper then freaking out once I got to work that I someone got poop on me because I could still smell it. lol


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