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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Frozen: Can Parents Go too Far?

When does protecting our children actually hurt them? This question has been mulling in my brain as I’ve been singing Frozen at the top of my lungs. I fell in love with the songs long before I actually saw the movie. My sister came to visit and was singing them constantly so I had no choice, but to join the fun.

It was funny not seeing the movie, but singing the songs daily because I gradually learned the story as I paid attention to the songs.

Not being able to wait till it actually came out on DVD we bought it early on Google Play. (spoiler alert… if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I do give away some details)

But I had a really hard time watching the movie. Elsa and Anna were best friends! But when Anna gets hurt the parents lock Elsa away as if she is cursed… Like a child she is filled with fear which only makes things worst.

I thought of my own son at this moment. My friend will watch him while I’m at work and he is best friends with her boy. They are wonderful together! But there is a moment that is frozen in my mind.

When both boys were just learning how to walk, and they had also just learned their favorite thing how to give a hug. One morning my son was particularly happy to see his friend. He jumped down from my arms and ran (as fast as a 10 month old can) to give his buddy a hug. Instead of a warm hug, he caught him off balance, and BAM! He took him down like a linebacker…

I’m not sure who was more scared… the poor little guy getting tackled or my son as he crashed him down and saw his friend burst into tears.

That was Elsa playing with Anna. Sure I was scared my son hurt my friends kiddo… but I can’t imagine locking him in his room forever because he might do it again…

I want to be there by my son at all moments. If there are challenges, I want to be there to support, understand and encourage him.

Here are the happy boys... in Summer!!!

Spring returns because Anna had the courage to do what her parents lacked… she showed Elsa true love. She stood by her even if it would cost her life.

So even though I’m still dancing in halls, asking my son if he wants to build a snowman… my heart is dwelling on a deeper topic… Making sure to always stand by my son, even in moments of struggle.

Did Frozen make you think about your parenting style?

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