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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to avoid fake smiles

Do you ever find it hard to smile for pictures? 

Its not that you’re unhappy, but suddenly when it is time to shine in front of a camera you’re filled with self-consciousness…

I think this happens to all of us at least from time to time. And it really is a tragedy. Because as moms we pass this on to our kids or others who look up to us. I went out to take a bunch of pics for a site redesign. I desperately need a cleaner look for my blog… but as I got ready to take pictures I just couldn't seem to do it.

I was either squinting, had my eyes closed, had a fake smile because I was trying too hard to make sure I was smiling. Eventually I just started making some funny faces trying to relax and those were some of my favorite pictures. Last year I wrote a post about How to Look Beautiful in your pictures… Now I just need to figure out how to relax and smile for pictures!

It was nice though having my hubbie take the pics to say ok… that’s a face smile try again.

How do you keep your pictures cute, but real?


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