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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Should you breastfeed after Biting?

Chomp! Ahhhh! 

While the moment you see that first tooth breakthrough should be a moment of sheer joy... for a breastfeeding mom it is like reaching the hill at the top of a rollercoaster. Although you are excited there is sense of terror as you know that first time he bites you may come at any time.

Keeping going! I know I have heard from many moms that the quit breastfeeding at the first moment of teeth... It does get better. I feel like there is the initial stage when they are cutting teeth... they bite everything! (including you) but at least for me it seemed to pass after a while.

I have found he tends to bite when he doesn’t want to nurse... and is messing around. Other mom’s have told me that if their baby bites, they quit that nursing session.

How do you handle biting with nursing?
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