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Monday, March 31, 2014

Should Homes have Secretaries

I look at a business
Efficient and on cue

Bosses have their minions
Like our great friend Gur

The head creates a vision
A pie in the sky

People make it happen
He lets out a sigh

Tasks big and small
Theres always someone there

To do the work take the time
Better to prepare

Sure to run a business
I’d agree its big

But trying running a home
Now that’s a real gig

Where is my secretary
To keep my head on straight

Bills are paid, like you said
“Wow, you’re looking great!”

I’ll start a revolution
Mom’s need help today!

Even a few hours
Could change the way we play

I noticed something while starting at the ceiling feeling overwhelmed after a long hard day. At work things get done so quickly because there is a team. Plus all the bosses have secretaries. They come up with the big vision and someone else figures out the 10000 little details to make it happen. Wow! My house would be so different if I had someone to help me like that. Even just the organization things, like

“Ok… I filled out those thank you cards can you, my secretary, please address and mail them.”
(I filled them out the week after my son’s bday… 2 ½ months later they sat next to the door waiting for stamps).

Maybe a secretary isn’t the solution… But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who just helped organize your thoughts, house, and your mile long to do list.

Has anyone figured out a good solution to this? It seems like every other job on the planet gets a support team, but motherhood and housekeeping are like being dropped into ponds of snapping alligators.

Please share what you are doing? I would love to try some new ideas...

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