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Friday, March 15, 2013

We've got tacos coffee and a Pope!

How is it possible that yet another week has passed? Here are some highlights...

1. Savory slow cooked tacos - I was running late for work, hubbie and I still hadn't eaten lunch so I pulled some slow cooked burger out of the freezer and stumbled upon a new family favorite...

You can adjust the amounts to fit your family. Allow burger to cook overnight in slower cooker. You can either mix it for tacos immediately or freeze for the beef for later use. If you plan to freeze the beef - leave it in the fridge till the fat hardens. Scrape off the fat and discard it leaving only the beef and any beef broth.

Take the slow cooked beef and combine fat free refried beans, about a ½ can of beans per pound of burger. Mix hot sauce and Tony Chachere’s to taste. (Be careful the Tony Chachere’s is VERY salty so you do not want to add too much). Mix about a cup of cheese into the beef and beans.
Heat and serve with chips as a hearty dip/meal or put in taco shells and cook for around 15 minutes.

This is a wonderful meal when in a rush because being that the burger is pre cooked you can take the frozen burger out of the freezer, combine all ingredients in a bowl, microwave for a few minutes and dinner is done. Being that the beef was slow cooked it has the savory flavor as if you spent hours in the kitchen not minutes.

2. Roll over...almost - So little Charlie almost rolled over. He is so close he goes from his back to his side and he even flips his legs all the way over, but he just can’t manage to figure out how to get his arms in the right place. I’ll try to help him get all the way to his belly and he’ll just look at look at me how did I get on my belly. Hopefully, by next week he’ll have mastered the roll.

How cute is the little star on his butt?

3. Panera Frozen Caramel - Little Charlie had to nurse on our way back from a doctor’s appointment today, so what better place to stop than Panera with the delicious frozen caramel drink, big comfy chairs, and a warm fireplace. I ordered a large frozen caramel, but instead of giving me that, they served the mega frozen caramel. It looked like a frozen caramel in a Big Gulp cup. I adore coffee and even for me it was a bit overwhelming. It took me over two hours to finish!

4. Flip flops - There was a moment of warmth before it started snowing AGAIN! and I busted out the flip flops, to show off my cute toes. It gave me hope that maybe someday spring will truly come. 

I got this picture from one of the many facebook pages created for him
5. Habemus Papam - We have a Pope!
It was really a beautiful moment of faith and unity for me as we all gathered at work around the computer to watch a live stream from Rome as we waited for his arrival. I was inspired to see how a group of both Catholics and Christians of other denominations all shared the joy as this sacred office was filled.

All in all I would say it has been quite a great week, and now that my infant has been asleep for 3 hours as I worked on my post and designed my new blog logo (let me know what you think?) I should really go to bed!
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  1. Tacos, coffee, and a Pope -- life doesn't get much better than that!

    And we were all huddled around the computer live-stream at work too!

  2. It is amazing what you can accomplish it you stay up till 4:30 am while hubby and baby are sleeping. lol


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