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Monday, March 11, 2013

Frigid Problems

Sometimes it takes someone else looking into things to point out an obvious and glaring problem. For us it is the fridge... no matter what I do it seems like it is always bursting at the seams and we are wasting and throwing away food.

My sister visited this weekend and gave me a list of fridge rules and pointing on some startlingly facts that made me realize why we have a problem. Below are her discoveries and subsequent rules: 


4 bottles of Kefir
1 Gallon of milk
1 Gallon of ice tea
1 container of Orange Juice
1 Gallon of Apple Cider
1 container of Cranberry Juice

3 heads of lettuces
3 large cucumbers
2 bags of carrots
1lb of asparagus

24 oranges
1 pineapple
1 canalope
10 kiwi
3 mangos

The condiments were off the charts, and then there’s the leftovers... I love to cook so we make something new every night. And I’m used to cooking at my parents house where there is 7 of us so I cook a lot of food. Basically, that means a lot gets wasted. Our final thought was that I shop like someone who has never seen a grocery store... I feel the need to buy all the fruit and veggies at once as if they won’t be there when I go back. Yes, sometimes there is a good deal on things, but no matter how cheap it is to buy in bulk it is STILL A WASTE OF MONEY IF I THROW IT AWAY! These were the rules my sister implemented... If I actually follow them, I might have a shot at a clean fridge.

Rule #1 You can only have as many condiments that will fit in the door of the fridge. Anything beyond that is excessive
Rule #2 You can only have one special drink at a time.
Rule #3 You can only buy one bag of oranges, head of lettuce etc at a time.
Rule #4 You are feeding TWO PEOPLE! Not an army or family of five. Now shop like it!

How do you organize your fridge?


  1. We have the opposite problem. Our fridge is always empty! I always was amazed at how nice and full your fridge always is! Definitely good for your guests! If you lived near us we would eat your food gladly!! Always happy to help.

  2. My fridge is always pretty empty too. I think Gretchen and I have subconsciously implemented a desire to not be hoarders. At any given time my fridge contains no more than 3 beverage options: Brita filtered water, skim milk and either juice, cider or an alcoholic beverage. It's usually only milk and water though, I try not to drink the others too often because they are excess and eating fresh fruits/drinking water is more nutritious than drinking juice. Also I came to the conclusion that I should be going to the grocery store every week to buy fresh fruits and vegetables rather than stocking up in hopes to avoid another trip for 2 weeks. The best way to avoid over buying food is to plan what meals you are going to make with the food you buy in advance so you know exactly how everything will be used (ahem, kinda like budgeting your money, but with food). An added bonus to meal planning is that you will be less likely to snack on foods that aren't nutritious or to buy take out. This advice is not all from me...these are things I researched prior to starting a weight loss plan. Luckily it can also helpyou get more bang for your buck at the grocery store! :-)



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