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Friday, March 8, 2013

Back to Work Mommy's First Friday

This was my first week back to work full time as a mom! Wow what a rollercoaster. It could have been an easy transition, but instead both lil Charlie and I got sick. Meaning he went from sleeping through the night, to pulling fussy allnighters all week long and I lost my voice, had a runny nose, sore throat etc I remember being told growing up that mom’s can’t get sick... that’s not true at all mom’s can get sick they just can’t get better because because they never have a chance to rest.
The only advantage to being sick with an infant vs. sick while pregnant is that you can take medicine... I’m not sure which is harder sleep with no medicine or medicine with no sleep... Do any experienced mom’s have ideas?

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My highlights this week are...

1. It’s my mom’s birthday today and us kids are giving her an ipad mini! She loves showing off videos of little Charlie on her small phone right now. She’s going to go crazy when she see her ipad mini. Plus we’ll be able to video chat all the time. 

2. The photoshoot we did while my sister was visiting with lil Charlie. We did his three month pictures. He is adorable... but I have decided that adding the chalkboard really makes the photos. Especially now that he can hold or eat the chalkboard!  

3. Lil Charlie has decided that he now wants to be big Charlie... although he’s only 3 months only he doesn’t want to be cradled. He wants to be sitting up in your arms looking around. It is amazing to see how much he has already changed in the three short months he has been alive. It definitely reminds me to savor and enjoy every minute and every step along the way. 

4. Frappuccino - Last week was espresso beans this week is a frappuccino, clearly I love coffee. One my first day back in the office there was a ice cold frapp waiting for me from a friend to help me with first day back to work! I love her. 

5. Hot Pink Stilettos - Since my blog post I have gotten numerous comments from people at work gushing over my shoes. I think I might need more stilettos.


  1. I love what a good pair heels can do for a girls image :) I only lasted a year of work before I became a SAHM and I do miss the fun of getting dressed up for work everyday!
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  2. That's awesome that you're staying home now... I am lucky that I'm only about 1 minute from work so that makes things a little bit easier. ps I love the hot red heels you have on your blog :)

  3. Wohoa!! You really have those shoes?? Awwesome! I wish I could do heels, but my aching feet! I bet you look fabulous!!

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