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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Perfect Modest Swimsuit!

Yippie! I actually found a modest swimsuit that I like! And after shopping at only two stores. 

I was inspired after writing my post Finding a Cute Modest Swimsuit I knew that I had to find something modest because I'd be showing it to everyone this week. This gave me encouragement to stick to my guns while shopping. It is hard to keep your convictions while shopping for clothes... I felt like I walked in and there was cute pink polka dots!! bikinis only of course... then the ugly fabric...but hurray those are 1/2 way modest lol

I encouraged myself not to lose heart! I knew eventually I would find something. I also said a quick prayer before I left. God was definitely listening... Things just fell into place. Usually I don't like the skirts because they fly up...

However right outside the fitting room I found these amazing shorts made from swimsuit material that fit perfectly under a swimsuit. They even had a pink stripe! 

Is is perfect? No... It could be a little higher, have hot pink with polka dots... but with only 1/2 hour of shopping... It was an incredible blessing! 

ps I love the idea of these shorts! They are a great find if you have a skirt, but want more coverage for chasing a baby on the beach! 

I know some of you already shared great ideas for finding modest swimwear but I would love to hear additional ideas!  


  1. Sweet photos! So glad you found a suit. It's such a hard thing to do these days! I don't know what these manufacturers are thinking!

  2. Finding the right swimming suit is a nightmare.

    Congratulations on finding something that will work for you! I appreciate you sharing your struggles though. It's nice to hear that someone else shares the same struggles.

    The baby is absolutely adorable. So sweet!

    If you have time, link up to my mommy monday blog hop. It's a way of exposing your blog to other readers, and building your sphere of influence. You have a great blog that should be shared!

    Hope to see you there!

  3. Your baby is beautiful! You are lucky that your hunt for a bathing suit was short and sweet! I probably would of tried every suit on in both stores and be heading to a 3rd for more disappointment, lol.

  4. After five babies, no two body parts are the same size! I wound up going with separates this year - swim tank, a higher-waisted bottom, and (this one shocked my hubby) a bikini top. Here's the thing, though - the bikini top was sized like a regular bra, so it keeps my breasts corralled and not spilling like they do in a regular suit top. Plus, I could purchase the tank a size larger so it didn't cling to my middle, because it didn't need to be snug enough to hold my chest in place.

  5. I feel your pain! I too went on a modest swimsuit hunt this year! Fortunately the stores I went too seem to know I what I was searching for! I ended up with a darling swimsuit. High at the top, and a little skirt portion to cover my bottom and upper thighs. I love the way it looks and I finally feel GOOD when I'm in the water!

  6. Always such a challenge to find something isn't it - I found one with sort of ruching on the front which some how manages to hide some of the belly wobble :-) Alice @ Mums Make Lists xx

  7. Good for you for knowing what is the best look or style for you, your comfort level and body type. Conforming is boring. Rock that look and thanks for sharing on BeColorful this week.

  8. I'm amazed at how good this actually looks! I need to get to a swim store soon and get one for myself :)


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