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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why does Cleaning Make My House Look Worse?

Untitled Document Why Does Cleaning My House Make It Look Worse?
I wake up early, run around 
Put the toys in place

All my efforts are a fail
My house is a disgrace

Sure if I never cleaned
Or I never tried

I would understand my plight
Wouldn’t ask... now why?

The further I dig into things
Try to organize

The bigger mess seems to ensure
Cleaning seems unwise

I know the storm before the calm
Worse before its better

Wish I had a little more hope
I won’t get a failing letter 

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We’ve been really trying to dig in and clean. Find the root problems to why messes seem to haunt our home and pull the problems up at the root.

Charlie with cereal on the floor
Leaving the cereal box within reach... big problem lol

I’m excited about this process… Ok that's a lie. I’m not excited… I’m excited about having a beautifully organized house so I never have to clean again. But the problem is that every time we pull things out to rethink our process. It creates a heaping disaster!!

Top Ways to Make Your House Look Worse While Cleaning:

  1. Pulling out things without time to actually solves the problems.

  2. Trying to organize things when the basics of the house are undone.

  3. Trying to tackle too many areas at once

  4. Taking apart the old system for organizing (even if its a bad one) without a new one to replace it. Example… Not using our coat rack for all our coats, so now the extra coats are ending up on the couch or floor while we decided on new coats hooks etc.

Charlie with Coffee
Maybe if I got my coffee back I'd be better at cleaning lol

How do you rethink problem areas in your house without creating a monster in the process?

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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