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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Treasure Every Moment

A Mother's Lullaby Comic
What is it about my day   
That makes me asleep

My son up all night
With more than a peep

Is it the running round all day
At least in my mind

Stuck on a hamster wheel   
Unable to unwind
sisters crazy face
Sure I have my moments 
Of domestic bliss

But in the crazy rat race
Often that, I miss 

I know life can’t go on pause
For a week or two

How does life as a mom
Make sense for me and you

Savor moments now and then 
When things are golden

Over look the crazy times
When walls of life are fold’n

Find a great ‘n close friend
To share your thoughts each day 

Know that you are not alone
Crazy in the fray 

Babies are not young forever  
Trials ebb and go
Charlie snuggling with me at cemetery
Treasure each day as a gift
Your heart with overflow

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Sometimes it’s easier for us to focus on what we’re going to do in the next 15 minutes than it is for us to focus on this moment right now… but time with our children is precious and we need to savor these moments.

Of course, some are those times when you have a kid who's up screaming in the middle of the night. (If I could savor that a little less… that’d be awesome.) But, we still have to think about the changes that will be coming up in their lives.

I’m starting to wean my son Charlie. Nursing is a season in his life that is about to go away... And I’m kinda sad to see it go. It took me a long time to get the hang of it. So now, when I do nurse Charlie, I really take the time to appreciate that special moment that we share, because I know that it’s going to be coming to an end.

Our kids are always getting bigger. One day, they will stop clinging to our legs, or crying when we leave the room, or trying to tackle us when we’re getting something hot out of the oven. And as crazy as it sounds, we’re gonna miss it when it’s gone.

Here are some tips to help you savor these moments in your life:

  1. Remember the special moments each day - This can be early morning, late night, or during a nap.

  2. Make goals to have special moments with your kids - I did this by dedicating some time to read with my son each day.

  3. Take time to do silly things - Anything that brings a smile to your kids face. For us it’s bubbles.

  4. Don’t waste moments - A trip to the store with your kid might seem like a chore, but it can be almost as good as a relaxing moment at home if you have the right attitude.

  5. Make the mundane fun - Challenge yourself to find a fun middle road between a chore and a play date. For us, sometimes that’s walking to the store instead of driving.

Know that every day there are opportunities to treasure where your kids are now. How do you treasure each day?

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