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Friday, May 30, 2014

How To Survive A Stressful Day

Surviving a Stressful Day - Me ahh face

Do you ever want a reset button for the day?

Everything just went all wrong… you accomplished less than you wanted to, you had less patience than you wanted. Things were messier, kids were crabbier and the list goes on and on…

...after extensive research from Megamind (lol)...

Pic Mega Mind in elevator with girl - I’ve already looked into reset button… its impossible


...I can say there isn’t a current working reset button for our days. But we do alway have tomorrow.

Devising a strategy for surviving a stressful day can be tricky. You need to find what you can’t change. It might seem negative, but once you know that, you can focus on the things you can improve.

I recently had two days back to back that couldn’t have been more different. Sure the circumstances were identical… but on day #2, I decided it would be a great day. I was going to eliminate all the external stress that I could.

Things that transformed my stressful day into a magical one:

  1. We read stories for a long time… while not accomplishing anything. (except quality mother son time, which is probably the most important thing anyway!)

    me and Charlie reading stories
  2. We set aside our weaning goals and just nursed.

  3. I’ll confess we did enjoy a few pieces of candy together… not a great idea for everyday, but it gave me the happiest baby alive during a few key moments when a meltdown wasn’t ideal.

Charlie looking up smiling

These three simple things took a day that could have ended in tears and made it beautiful. Think about your stressful days. What are the things you can’t change? Now that you’ve got that, is there anything you could do to improve the situation?

Far away story reading

Rome wasn’t built in a day, you don’t have to accomplish all your dreams at once. If it is going to be a stressful day, maybe it is a good time to relax on a few other things.

How do you transform stressful days into great ones?

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