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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why You Are Incredible

Do you know why you are incredible?

[Me smiling - You are incredible ]

Because you are a mom! Simply by being a mother you are among the most incredible on earth.

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As mothers, it is easy to see others who might have more talent, money, or less weight and stress. But you cannot compare yourself, you are an incredible gift to your child.

  1. 1st, You gave your child life. While this seems like an obvious one, sadly it isn’t today. You didn’t have to welcome your child into this world. You did and that alone makes you a hero!

  2. If you adopted your baby or are a foster mommy there aren’t words to describe what a great mom you are. You have forever changed you baby’s life!

  3. [charlie feet on my shoes]
  4. 2nd, You love your child. Sure there might be moments when you could be a bit more patient or slightly more fun. But your child is the center of your world.

  5. [Charlie looking at me]
  6. 3rd, You sacrificed for your child. Pregnancy is not easy, labor gets it name for a reason. And the funny thing is once they’re born, pregnancy and labor can sometimes seem like the easy parts.

May is a wonderful time where mothers get a day dedicated to them! My son woke up at 6:45am to help me appreciate the day. But as he stared at me with his adorable eyes and kissed my face over and over and said, “mom!” How could I be upset? This is what I waited for, these are the moments that make motherhood great!

[charlie feet facing forward]

Everyday should be Mother’s Day! You wouldn’t be here without your mom, and your baby’s adorable life is here because you said yes to the joys, struggles and surprises of motherhood.

[Charlie looking and pointing]

You might think being incredible looks something like this…

[pic of Mrs. Incredible]

But it actually looks just like YOU!

How do you remember that you are a great mom, even when you’re feeling blue?

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