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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Chaos Behind the Pinterest Look

pinterest compare with toys

Are you inspired or angered by Pinterest? Do blogs make you happy or feel like a failure? As mom’s, too often we compare ourselves to others.

When you look at pin you don’t see what was thrown in the other room to make it look perfect.

Leanne left an awesome comment on my blog: “Never compare someone’s cleaned up outsides to your messed up insides…”

What is most important to you? Make that your priority. Then be ok to let some other things go…

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For us, it is the grass. Our neighbors are retired and their grass is always perfect… I’m sure we are an eyesore living next door with our not so perfect grass. But every once in awhile… there will be a day when our grass if perfectly cut… and theirs is a day past due. I want to take a picture and frame it! “Look world! There was a moment when we had the best grass in the neighborhood.” I have to take the picture quickly because 20 minutes later that moment is gone :)

picture of the grass

Do I look like that pin

What is your priority? Are you able to let other things go so you can achieve what you truly want?

Know that it is ok if everything isn’t perfect. The whole goal of A Mom In The Making is that you are still in the making! Life doesn’t have to be perfect right now. Everyday you are still learning.

Let’s be honest. Motherhood is messy… But you’re incredible! Just for being a mom!

Everyday is an opportunity to smile with messes, embrace the unexpected, and know that today is a blessing.

How do you enjoy things like Pinterest without feeling overwhelmed?


  1. You're awesome Theresa! I totally agree with the grass thing. One incredibly insightful thing my neighbors daughter told me was "when you live in one place as long as we have you have a lot of time to perfect your year the way you want it..." just made me realize it's true. I'm sure you haven't been in the house as long as your neighbors and they have been able to figure out the best way to maintain.

    1. I really love that!! It is true they've been her for several decades and us only a few years :) Plus by the time a decade goes by for us we'll have help with cutting the grass, hurray!


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