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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Crushing a Dream Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Why Crushing a Dream Can Help You Achieve Your Goals - just words

You have goals and dreams, but sometimes it is tough trying to make it all work. Today’s episode of A Mom in the Making Podcast is for you!

Maybe you’ve never heard of a podcast, or you never really listen to them… basically it’s like a mini radio show. You do not want to miss today episode! “How Crushing a Dream Can Help You Achieve Your Goals”.

One of my dreams is a beautiful garden. The year after I got married and moved into my house, I achieve that dream. I worked incredibly hard tearing up our front grass with a shovel, shaking out the dirt from the grass by hand, because we were on a tight budget and that was the only way to make my dream happen.

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I loved it! It was beautiful. The next year my garden dream got a little foggy with new baby boy… I had new dreams to fill my time, but I still didn’t give up my garden, I just switched to 10 minute Tomatoes.

messy looking tomato plant from last year

This year was different I asked myself a strange question: How much garden can I afford?

Theresa with tomatoes

You might be wondering what prompted such a question. A garden can save money from buying things at a higher price at the store.

But I realized something… Sometimes you have to crush your dreams to achieve goals.

Having a perfect garden is totally a dream a of mine. So is…

  • Family time

  • A clean house

  • Peace of mind

For you, YOUR DREAM might be a garden, having perfect hair, spending more time taking naps or having a sparkling house.

Are there things in conflict with that? Your goals might be bigger than just one dream.

Looking back at last year my garden dream was on the fast track to being a NIGHTMARE. Thinking about last year, I came to three conclusions:

  1. While it was glorious that I was able to get my tomatoes in… so many of them rotted from not being picked on time or simple neglect. The weeds went rampant as I was too busy to ever spend time actually caring for the garden. And now that May has finally rolled around, I still have the tomato stakes in the ground that I never pulled out last fall.
    pic of garden right now- dying dandelion plant

  2. There is still a lovely bag of manure that I’ve been tripping over on the porch for the last 12 months. I bought it with high hopes of spreading it (much to my neighbor’s dismay) all over my garden last year. But when time ran short, I had a choice to make. Spread the manure or get the plants in the ground. So this bag of manure has been a daily sign on my porch of what trying to do too much ends up like.

  3. I don’t want to be stressed. A garden is a wonderful thing that can bring a lot of joy, but when it is running rampant I feel like I need to tend to it. Especially, because it is in my front yard. I want to enjoy this summer and for once I don’t think that is going to include 1000 plants.

What is the dream you have to let go? It may not be gardening… After tripping over manure or crying at rotten tomatoes…

It could be letting go of the desire to make the perfect dinner if it makes you overly stressed. Or accepting that the house many not look perfect if trying to achieve that makes you cranky with the kiddos.

Is your dream worth the cost? Is this a dream for right now?

I will have the perfect garden… eventually. Not this year or maybe even next.

Letting the garden dream go… I got peace of mind - I will have a nicer looking front yard once I clean up last year’s mess. More time splashing for in mud puddles and playing with bubbles.

Are you ready to crush a dream if it helps achieve your goals?

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