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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why You Should "InstaGrams" Everyday

How do you view social media? Is it a resource that helps connect your family or a distractor that steals away time?

Why you should InstaGrams everyday

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We try to limit our little guys expose to technology…

But I strongly believe in what I lovingly call “InstaGrams” - where we instantly see Grams, as I call her.

How did we solve the problem of seeing Grams even though she was miles away…

video chat pic

All us kids went together and bought my mom an iPad mini for Mother’s Day. Now we can use Facetime to video chat on a regular basis. I can’t imagine life without it. Charlie knows his “Computer Grandma”. When we visit he doesn’t have warm up time, because he already knows her from seeing her on video.

video chat pic

She even created a special song to sing with him each time. He not only recognizes her, but her voice and the son she sings him.

Technology has actually been remarkable in bringing our family closer together, helping us share special moments. We never miss a birthday and even try to sing along… (ok that’s a lil’ hard with the delay.)

Do you use technology for connecting with family?

(Ok… I know I didn’t actually talk about Instagram…until recently I didn’t have a smartphone… but now I am in love. Check out my Instagram here.)

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