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Monday, June 23, 2014

Life Lessons from Cooking

Life Lessons from Cooking

I have a secret recipe that I can’t share with you! It’s not that I am greedy, or that I don’t think you’d enjoy it. I simply don’t have set requirements that I follow.

Having each meal as a creation onto itself can be a challenge, because I love to share my passion for cooking. Yet, how do I write down what I do when it changes every time?

This style of cooking recently paid off for me. I had all the ingredients for Italian Wedding Soup… except one main thing, endive.

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I knew it wouldn’t be the same without that leafy, green goodness. However my husband and I had already worked late and needed to eat quickly.

Stepping out in boldness I began my soup. Drum roll please… Instead of adding endive, I ripped up some fresh leaf lettuce! It was incredible! My husband asked what I did differently because the soup was even better than last time.

So I later realized leaf lettuce is an option for Italian wedding soup… but I felt bold as I was adding it.

My experience with making the soup reminded me of something important in our lives. There are 1000 books on how to be the best wife, mother etc. And they have some really great ideas and are a great place to find inspiration.

But if you try to follow all of them… You’ll drive yourself crazy.

1st, They probably conflict with each other.

2nd, You’re situation is different.

Recently, I shared the Chaos Behind the Pinterest Look. How life really looks.

Chaos behind pinterest image with books

You should absolutely use recipes, pinterest, books and blogs to inspired you! But never look at it like it is the only way.

I’ve learned that cooking is an art which is why I’m great at it… I’m are free to reinvent every time. Yet baking is a science… you really do need to follow the directions.

Life definitely requires some baking - your kids can’t hit, run in the street, or play with plugs… but there’s definitely room for some art too. There is no reason why you can’t blow bubbles in the house on a rainy day.

Do you like to follow recipes? Or is your cooking a new creation each day?


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