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Friday, June 20, 2014

Why Does God Put Opposites Together?

Glug, glug, glug, glug… 5 gallons of water splashing into the back of our car!! I guess that’s what happens when you try to fill and transport a 5 gallon jug without a lid.

Pic Charles and I going in opposite directions text - Why does God put opposites together?

Do you ever find yourself in a pickle that you should have seen coming from a mile away? At one time or another we all seem to find ourselves in these situations. Luckily God built in a safety net so we don’t wallow in these situations too long. Having us marrying our opposite!

I’d had these water bottles for close to a decade… I bought some, inherited others from roommates while in college etc… There was just one problem. None of them had lids. I had tried finding lids but it seemed like my only options was to buy an entire new bottle which was like $15… I’d just live without the lids.

Water jugs without caps

But driving home that day listening to water splash all over the car, and bailing out the trunk with small cups… We decided to kick up our efforts to find lids.

Amazon was the hero! Our lids arrived and they work perfectly!! Why did I go for years without proper lids? I just didn’t have the right motivation. Or persistence like my husband to scour the internet…

I guess that is why God puts opposites together… So they can complement each other with different strengths. Do you ever feel annoyed by the way your husband does things? Or wonder, “Why are we so different??”.

Charlies and I smiling walking with Charlie

Although you may not always appreciate your spouse’s difference… at the end of the day you can truly compliment each other. Thanks to my husband’s persistence we will never have to bail out the back of our car again.

What is a difference that you can appreciate in your spouse?


  1. I hear you, I love how my husband just fits me and fills in the spots where I am seriously lacking!

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