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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Being a Real Mom

Being a Real Mom

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Life is so grand

Mine is simply “nailed it”
I don’t understand

I wake everyday
Just like you

Yet why is it so different
Sometimes filled with poo

I am just a real mom
A Mom in the Making

Dinner’s sometimes burt
With no cookies baking

I don’t hang my head
Or feel blue

Instead I give a smile
Meant just for you

We are the real moms
Life’s a little crazy

Until our morning coffee
Our minds are a little hazy

Let us celebrate
Our life here and now

Not its not perfect
But don’t have a cow

Chaos, coffee, cookie crumbs
Sounds good to me

Would you like to join me
A Mom in the Making to be

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Are you a real mom?

I have been trying to figure how to describe A Mom in the Making. I came up with a real mom.

There is a theme I discovering while talking with moms. They don’t like fake. They want to see everything. I did a post Chaos Behind Pinterest to show not just the cute parts of life, but the whole picture.

There are a lot of moms with the perfect house, life, hair etc. and that’s great, but I want to show the life of an average mom.

The mom you’d bump into in the baby isle. The one who is piling 1000 Pamper wipes containers into her hands because they are on sale for 99 cents. Even though there is no possible way her child could ever use that many wipes. - Ok confession… maybe that was just me last week.

We need to share real mom moments with each other! Find a friend who you can be honest with if you are struggling. This probably won’t be the same friend for everything. I don’t go to my super skinny mom friends if I’m struggling with my baby weight. Instead I find a mom who’s struggling with the same thing.

Who is your go to mom friend? Do you share a lot of things with one mom in particular or do you have several different moms you go to for different things?

It is easy to feel like we’re the only one whose kids do crazy things. But we all have those moments.

Two of My Great Real Mom Moments

  1. Letting my son help me make soup… We were measuring water together. Super adorable until I tried to capture it on camera… While I went to grab the camera he spilled 8 cups of water all over my carpeted living room floor!
    Charlie spilling water out of pan
    Charlie with water in pan picture 2

  2. Some time passed since our soup incident… I wanted to share another moment with my son… I let him share my free sample at Sincerely Yogurt… The mini cup was just the perfect size for him. I reached in my pocket for my camera… He spilled it all over himself, me, and the yogurt created a nice glue between my foot and sandel for the rest of the night.

Picture of Sincerely yogurt Charlie spilling on himself
Picture Charlie asking for more "More?" Cute little face asking for more after his mess.

Picture of ice cream

Ahh. But it was all worth it.

Do you have a favorite “real mom” moment?

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