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Monday, July 14, 2014

Is Your Baby Growing Up Too Fast?

Do you ever tear up at the thought of your little baby suddenly growing up.? We have recently passed three major milestones in one week…it has only been a good dose of strong coffee and prayers that has kept me alive.

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First, we finally weaned. This has been a long and painful process that we both have approached with kickin’ and screaming. But it had to happen, because I was going away on a work trip for three days, I knew it would be rough on the little guys, but I couldn’t bear the idea of him losing me and his milk on the same day….I could just imagine him crying mulk “puweese”

I was finally able to find some peace with weaning. But just as I smiled from that experience it was time for our first haircut.

This again wasn’t something I was looking forward to, it just showed that my tiny little baby was growing up all too quickly. But it needed to happen, his hair hung down into his eyes. And his hair was turning into tiny baby dreads in the back.

So he got his first big boy haircut… It was killer… Watching his precious curls drop to the ground. I really debated just leaving his curls in the back but I didn’t want him to have a mullet…so away they went. It was really funny to watch him that night because he kept running his fingers in his hair…trying to figure out what was different

View from my hotel
Finally, the trip away from mommy. I’m not sure who this was harder on me or him? I am overwhelmingly grateful for modern technology that I was able to video chat and see my little guy and he could talk to me and blow me a kiss.


  1. Great post. Pinned for when the time comes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The first haircut is a hard one! It was one of the milestones that slapped me in the face because my son really looked like a big boy instead of a baby. I feel your pain! I'm reaching some milestones here too but this is what should happen. My babies have to grow up--even if it breaks my heart a little!


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