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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Stay Connected with Your Kid

Do use video chatting to bring you closer together? I recently had to leave my baby for three whole days! Ahhh!

How to Stay Connected with Your Kid

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I kept playing over in my head the doomsday scenario. But there was a saving grace. Video chatting. It was wonderful! Even though I couldn’t give my babe a hug we could still talk, laugh, and sing wheels on the bus.

I was worried about video chatting… What if seeing me just made him feel sad? What if he was just crying?

It couldn’t have been better! He was excited to see me. At first you could tell that he was slightly confused. He is used to chatting with grams. so he was puzzled trying to figure out why mom was on the other side of the screen.

But it let us stay connected. During the times that we couldn’t video chat we talked on the phone. It was like a dream come true, he was getting technology and mommy at the same time.

Next time you have to be apart from your babe, think about these tips for greater peace and joy. Even if you’re not leaving your kiddo, these are great ideas for out of town relatives.

How to Stay Connected with Your Kid

  1. Find internet and video chat. Even if you have to go to a hotel lobby or coffee shop the time you spend getting to see each other is totally worth it.

  2. Make video chatting and talking on the phone a regular part of life. First, this helps your child keep up with and remember out of town relatives, but the additional bonus is that they are used to talking with others like this so they will be excited to hear and see you this way.

  3. Talk on the phone. While video chatting is obviously best, if you can’t do that, try a phone call. Sing songs on the phone or play some of the games that you usually would at home.

  4. Don’t rush off the phone or video chatting. Your little one will be happy to see you or hear your voice, even if it’s just a babble. We spend 30 minutes talking about if he went outside, or played with papa. He had the bonus of hearing my voice and I got to laugh as he responded saying “oh wow” and “no” to my questions.

Obviously, if we could all just be on vacation, together and home with family all the time that would be great. But for the times when you are apart, these are a few ways to keep the family connection alive.

Do you have any tips for staying connected while traveling? Or keeping up with out of town relatives?

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