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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Quick Guide to Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

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Do you spend enough quality time with your kids? This is a big questions for a lot of moms. I feel like I had somewhat deflected its intimidating worries until now. But then my little man got big. We weaned, he got his first haircut, I went away on a work trip.

Suddenly, I joined the group of moms left wondering…

Do I Spend Enough Quality Time with My Kid???

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Like all problems in life this question can be answered by an ebook… My free one in fact :) I joke, but I did spend a lot of time thinking about this question.

Three Tips for Spending More Quality Time with Your Kids

  1. Accept that times have changed. My dream life is a perfect blend of Little House on the Prairie mixed with central air and Panera Frozen coffee. Everything is simple. My days are spent surrounded by my children, little chicks, and a garden in nature. Life moves slower, I don’t have to worry about quality time because every moment is magical.

    What is your dream scenario? Do you set unrealistic expectations for quality time? Sadly, we don’t live in Little House on the Prairie, so quality time is going to look different. If your goal is something that no longer exists, the only option is disappointment.

  2. Appreciate the time that you have with your kids. Don’t belittle the time you’re spending.

    I was really surprised while reading a study in the Washington Post. Modern mothers spend significantly more time focused on their children than mothers in the 50’s or 60’s. Yet, the modern mothers feel more guilty. Like they aren’t spending enough time with their kids.

    You are doing wonderful. Be happy and appreciate the time you are spending with you kids.

  3. Take the Imperfect Moments and Make them Special. When your baby is up all night, being frustrated won’t get either of you back to sleep. Instead look at it as a moment that won’t last forever. Remember, you’re always wanting to spend more time with your kids… now here it is!

Finally, know that you are incredible. Just for being a mom! You can read all 10 tips in my Guide to Spending Quality Time with Your Kids.

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My Quick Guide to Spending Quality Time with Your Kids will give you inspiration and ideas so you can start spending more quality time with your kids today! ~ Theresa

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