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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pre-Pregnancy Pants!

I am wearing my pre-pregnancy pants!! (imagine the song I feel good erupting from the heavens and playing as I walk)

There is nothing I can’t do. Just watching the pants swish as I walk makes me feel skinny. Not only am I in pre-pregnancy pants, but I've officially hit my pre-pregnancy weight! Two victories in one week…

Sure some of the weight has rearranged itself. A nice inner tube shape around my waist, but hey if I’m ever drowning no need to throw a life ring… I've got one already lol

It does happen. You will reach your pre-pregnancy weight. Just give it time. My little Charlie is 9 months… he’s walking and I’m planning his first birthday! But I am back!

Yes, it was discouraging when I saw my friends leave the hospital in skinny jeans. But I am back and continuing further on the road to skinny.

When did you get your pre-pregnancy clothes back?

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