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Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to Travel without a Diaper Bag

I hate diaper bags... 
and my husband bought me the cutest one on the planet! It is pink with little brown polka dots... However I tend to overfill bags so instead of being helpful... it ends up as a 1000 lb weight I’m dragging around prepared for Zombie apocalypse...

I feel like when you take a diaper bag you’re committing to being prepared. This means you need to take everything! In case a situation arises that you will need it.

Now I just keep a small thing of wipes, two diapers, an outfit and maybe a nursing cover in the bottom of my stroller. Also I keep the same things in my baby organizer in the car. Most places I am going I will either have my stroller or my car. This way I’m not constantly lugging everything around.

In a pinch... I throw a diaper and wipes in my purse... Knowing all my supplies are not far away.

This is definitely a bonus of nursing... no formula, no bottles, etc

How do you carry diapers?

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