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Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Just one week ago I had the phenomenal opportunity to attend EntreLeadership! It is basically a day packed with entrepreneurial and leadership lessons led by Dave Ramsey and his team.

I’ve been a fan of Dave Ramsey for a long time… When I got my first job I took his Financial Peace University Class which gave me the knowledge and tools to kick butt at paying off my school loans, house and car!!

I feel like I know what I’m doing with money now… yes we’re in the final stretch for paying off debt and it feels like it will never end, but what’s next?

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This day was all about how to be a success in business and life! It was so encouraging! I wish everyone I know could have attended.

I feel like I have tons of dreams I’m pursuing… but sometimes after working a full day, coming home blogging, podcasting, working on a new site My Jess Tree oh and try to spend some time having fun with my son and hubbie… which is my favorite anyway, I just feel burned out and wonder why am I doing this?

EntreLeadership talked about Work Life Balance

They had Christy Wright who is preggo with her first little babe there, and she was hilarious. She talked about not letting our dream turn into a nightmare. It was so fun hearing a leadership talk from a mom!!

Christy lamented the woes of laying miserable on a coach for her first trimester of pregnancy :) Now that is a mommy I can relate with. Sometimes it is just hard to take advice from someone who really doesn’t understand where you are.

Then they had Chris Hogan. He used to be All American college football player. He told hilarious stories about working with our strengths, and letting our spouse do the things that they are best at.

As mom’s, there are certain things that we are supposed to be good at. But, what if we aren’t? Look at your family, where are you and your husband’s strengths. Play to your strengths!!

Finally, there was Dave Ramsey himself. It was crazy actually seeing him in person after watching him on videos and hearing him on the radio. But my favorite thing I took away was his Momentum Theorem. Focused intensity over time multiplied by God equals unstopped momentum.

Speaking of momentum… Monday’s podcast episode with Manoush Zomorodi was my 50th podcast episode!! The average podcast doesn’t make it past episode 7. But I’ve reached 50!! On Saturday… A Mom in the Making podcast downloads reached 2x their highest number ever. That is 100% thanks to you! I am so happy for each of you come and listen.

Basically, EntreLeadership was super encouraging, but so are each of you! Each time you read my blog, comment, listen to a podcast you encourage me. Thank you!!

Have you been to a great conference or talk lately?

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  1. I'm glad you had fun. (and heyyyy... look at you all new blog layout!)

    1. All it took was a few weeks without sleep and lots of junk food... and we have a new layout lol oh and lots of Veggie Tales :)

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