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Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY Makeover

I hated my bathroom! I’ve hated it since we moved in... It has I wish I was white walls... and bright blue countertop.

I realized the other day that I never bother to organize the mini closet because I’d rather look at my stuff spilling out than the ugly paint...

In a moment of inspiration I decided today is the day... little Charlie was down for a nap. 

My bathroom was going to receive a DIY makeover!

I grabbed my chalkboard paint, and two cans of spray paint from the basement and went to town...

I could not be happier... in about two hours I transformed my bathroom from ugly drudgery to a cute chalkboard wall to write fun messages and a counter that’s my favorite color.

I’ve decided that two coats is best for chalkboard paint, it helps it cover better. Then I spray painted the bottom shelf. Not a great idea to try to spray paint, under a closet, inside the house... I felt like my throat was burning for a few days. It's not a great pic... Charlie was fussing
and it was the middle of the night :)
My bathroom still isn’t perfect... the floor needs to be replaced, the widow is old with no sill... but when I walk in I see my fun chalkboard and bright pink counter. Instead of wishing for a new house, I have a small moment of joy each time I see it.

And it was free... I used paint from my basement and it only took about two hours!

Being on a tight budget I find that we don’t often put money into making our house cute... However I finally realized even if we can’t redo everything I can still do small things to transform the place.

What is something simple that could help transform your house?


  1. Very cool! I also like giving my home spaces little free makeovers! They're the best in my book :) Really allows you to be creative!

  2. BRAVO!!! I despise my master bathroom too, but a few years ago I took the time to add trim to the cupboards and do a faux finish on them, it has gotten me this far. We are finally getting ready to do the big remodel. YAY!! I'm glad you did it!

  3. love that chalkboard paint idea. Thanks for sharing this week. I always like reading what you are up to creatively. :D


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