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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finding a cute modest swimsuit!

Summer is here and my least favorite moment has arrived... finding a modest swimsuit. 

I hate this experience so much that last time I found a swimsuit I liked I bought two... so I’d never have to shop for one again.

But here’s the problem. I did not anticipate my baby bump leftovers :) So although I haven’t tried... I do not think my favorite swimsuit still fits. Ahhh

So with only 3 days left before going to the lake I have a MAJOR problem...

Luckily there seems to be a few more options available in stores these days... When I was a kid not even the conservative families wore shorts with their swimsuits... I’m pretty sure our family invented modest swimsuits :) - One of my greatest summer memories was when an entire community (I believe they were Mennonite) came to swim at the beach by us... and we all matched wearing shorts and tees while swimming.

Now at least there is this hip niche market for modest swimsuits, be it shorts, skirts, etc. Still there is a long checklist to find the perfect modest swimsuit.

If I don't find a swimsuit... I'll be stuck wearing this over my too small one.
Cute, but I'd rather not swim in it.
Checklist for modest swimsuit

#1 Covers your bottom - shorts are very practical... skirts are more cute :) However whichever option you choose make SURE it is bathing suit material or it won’t dry and it is a nightmare!! (And some pools won’t let you wear shorts, unless it is a “swimwear”)

#2 It has a high neckline. This one is tricky... you can put a small piece of material between a v-neck. You want to see what it looks like when you move. Sometimes the best option on the hanger is horrible in real life.

#3 It cannot be see-through. Many times high top racing type swimsuit seem great until wet... and they look like saran wrap...

#4 Your belly... truly - I feel like you are in one of two categories: a) You do look great - in which case you can save your look for your special someone or b) Like me there’s just a little too much you to show off for the world :) - either way cover your belly :)

Bonus: Oh yeah and you want to look cute! If you’re like me this is secretly your #1 on the list.

We will see how my shopping goes... I’ll keep you updated! 

Does anyone have good ideas for modest bathing suits?

If you’re wondering why the deal is with modest swimwear... here is an incredible article.


  1. Yea, I need to find a post baby one too!!

  2. If you had more time, is great. Where I got mine. Only problem is that I just found out the shorts are see through. So you may want bottoms from somewhere else! is also great.

    They are so cute, but kind of expensive!

  4. Lands End is my favorite. Well made, forgiving, and I love the tankinis... all of the coverage of a one piece with the um... bathroom convenience of a two piece! Hugs, Holly

  5. Sew your own! I love this ebook pattern!

  6. I hate them so much I just don't go to the pool...or any place with water. A few of my girlfriends have their daughters wear board shorts. Good idea.
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    ~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

  7. Oh I am all-too familiar with this battle. I have a blog post listing some websites that offer modest swimwear! :)


  8. I am with Madeline above. I have the e-book from fresh modesty and once I had made her pattern for myself and my sister I was able to see how things go together and was able to get a little more creative with the pieces. I definitely love the fact that there is a pattern for shorts with it. So this year (because who likes wearing the same suit over and over every year) I took apart my old one and changed it up a bit to "cutify" it a bit more. And, the best part, I was able to buy the material for about $30. Impossible to find a modest swimsuit for that cost. I never factor in my time because I love sewing. =)

  9. I like hydochic for their modest swimsuits, but I bought mine off ebay. Here's her ebay store: Some of her stuff is REALLY modest, too much fabric for me anyways, but I liked this one: it's not in a smaller size anymore though. I hope this helps. People tend to underestimate ebay. =)

    Hannah J
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  11. I found a super nice swimsuit at the thrift store. It has a modest neckline & back. It's a one-piece with a skirt attached. For me personally, the skirt wasn't quite as long as I preferred. So, I had an old skirt that was the exact same material & color (black), so I had a friend make a ruffle under the existing skirt. It gave me a more modest length & added a cute little flounce to boot. Another idea, my same friend takes men's knee-length swim trunks & makes them into skirts.

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  12. Thank you all so much for the great ideas... I definitely need to give myself more time next year... there are some great options out there.

    It is so encouraging seeing other mom's fighting for modest swimsuits! Thank you for your inspiration!

  13. Here a a few really good sites for modest swimwear that i have found:

    here you can get a swimsuit custom made or buy the fabric and pattern and make it your self:

    here you can get one custom made that is similar to the one above but quite a bit cheaper:

    here you can get another style of modest custom made swim separates

    and here you can get modest swim tops and bottoms:

    ok, there are several options and you can also search and find many more!
    happy swimming!

  14. Wow! My horizon for places to shop just got much bigger...etsy, eBay, thrift stores, making one from a pattern! It is empowering to know there are some great options out there! Thanks


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