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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Well Suited Outfit

In my quest for flattering clothes my mom stumbled upon a winner at a garage sale... long suity type coats. They are incredible!! Being that they are long they have several advantages:

1. They look fabulous while being worn open! This means that they don’t have to button over my little bit of baby blub left around my waist.

2. They dress up even a simple outfit, so I can take a basic shirt/pants combo and make it look profession.

3. It accentuates skinny legs! It gives a flowy look on top and you just see two skinny legs on the bottom :) Wonderful!!

The best part... She was able to get several different ones for like $2.00 each!

Two questions...

Which is your favorite? 

What is your favorite dress it up and look great clothes item?

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